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2008 Corporate Media Release - Earth Hour

Issued 25 March 2008


Sydney Opera House will turn off the lights on its iconic sails during Earth Hour on Saturday 29 March to help raise awareness about climate change and global warming. 

Joining other local icons and several international landmarks, Bennelong Point’s beacon will fall into darkness from 8pm-9pm. Only safety and venue lighting will remain on for patrons attending performances.

“Sydney Opera House is recognised instantly around the world as representing Australia and turning off the lights on our sails signifies a leadership role in protecting the planet by reducing harmful greenhouse emissions,” said Sydney Opera House Chief Executive Richard Evans. 

“As the cultural heart of Sydney, we are proud to be used as a symbol for Earth Hour.  We hope that it may encourage others to switch off their lights and become more environmentally conscious.”

Earth Hour is not the only initiative in the area of environmental sustainability that Sydney Opera House has adopted.  The famous ‘House’ has recently signed up to Sydney Water’s Every Drop Counts Business Program and is holding a series of concerts that will be carbon neutral. 

"With millions of visitors coming to our shows, restaurants and bars each year, inevitably we use a lot of energy and water. We are serious about reducing our consumption,” said Sydney Opera House Chief Executive Richard Evans. 
“We are in the middle of a series of world music concerts called ‘Hemispheres’ which are all run on 100% green power and will be carbon neutral. 

“Carbon emissions created by electricity, flights, audience and performers' transportation, paper and accommodation for the artists will be offset with NSW Greenhouse Abatement Certificates.”

Sydney Opera House uses 100% recycled paper for nearly all of its regular promotional material. 


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