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2008 Event Media Release - Goran Bregovic

Issued Tuesday 19 August, 2008

Sydney Opera House presents
Goran Bregovic

Tales and Songs for Weddings and Funerals

Tuesday 14 October
Presented in association with Melbourne International Arts Festival

“[Balkan Gypsy] brass bands are party generators, and Mr. Bregovic’s compositions let
them do their job.”

“Magnificent …one of the greatest marvels to be heard on stage today” LA VANGUARDIA, Barcelona

“World avant-garde musical hybrid” THE GUARDIAN

The Balkan’s greatest exponent of modern gypsy music, Goran Bregovic performs his world famous hits with a party-generating 37 piece ensemble for the first time ever in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on October 14.

A superstar in Europe, and hailed a genius by his contemporaries, Goran Bregovic is lauded as much for his symphonic film scores (including Emir Kusturica’s “Time of the Gypsies”, “Arizona Dream” and “Underground”) as his pop and world music collaborations (from Iggy Pop to Cesaria Evora), traversing a tightrope between an unwavering passion for his classical homeland traditions and the edginess of a rebel punk-rocker.

His irreverent concerts delight audiences with sublime renditions of his film compositions to hot-wired revivals of traditional tunes and new fusions of flavours from rock to Balkan Gypsy party sounds that speak straight to the body and heart.

Packing Europe’s most prestigious concert halls for the last decade, Bregovic and his 37- piece ensemble are an experience that captures the eclectic essence of modern Europe; an all-male choir from Belgrade, female Bulgarian throat singers, a Polish string orchestra and his personal nine-piece brass “Wedding and Funeral Orchestra”, presenting live his most epic pieces from the famous " Ederlezi" (Time of the Gypsies) to " In the Death Car" (Arizona Dream) and the energetic "Kalasnikov" (Underground). This mind-blowing melange is a recipe for riotous fun, passionate performance and exhilarating energy, creating music that fills the audience with an irresistible urge to dance.

“His art stretches between classicism and Balkan square-dance, the contemporary and the popular, sacred music and the rowdy gypsy brass band - intense, vigorous, colourful, passionate, exotic, fascinating.” El Pais, Spain

A true musical master of our times, Goran Bregovic is set to cast his magic for the first time ever in the setting of the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. Audiences who loved his film scores can’t afford to miss the heady live experience of this exclusive Sydney concert.

Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House
Date: Tuesday 14th October, 2008
Time: 8pm
Prices: $49 - $120
Bookings: 9250 7777

Goran Bregovic is presented as part of the Hemispheres global music series at Sydney Opera House.


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