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2008 Event Media Release - The Anoushka Shankar Project

Issued 5 March, 2008

Sydney Opera House presents
June 14 2008

“Dance club music with tradition at its fingertips” The New York Times 
"If Ravi Shankar is the guardian of Indian classical music, Anoushka is certainly the successor to his throne, by virtue of ability alone.” Dubai Press

Daughter of legendary sitar master, Ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar has been dazzling audiences across the world with her soulful improvisations and spellbinding innovations to rightfully claim her title as “queen of the sitar”.
Anoushka Shankar brings her spellbinding musical fusion to Sydney Opera House for one night of genre-bending brilliance in the Concert Hall.
Using both acoustic and electric instrumentation to take her music somewhere altogether new, this multi-talented Grammy-nominated artist has emerged from the shadows of her famed father and journeyed beyond the musical traditions of India to define her own sound. Playing a mix of mystical Indian ragas with contemporary rhythm-centric electronica, swirling trance and mainstream pop, the effect is nothing short of sensational; and firmly confirms her individual identity as the new generation of modern-classical Indian artists.
Having previously collaborated with artists such as George Harrison, Sting, Eric Clapton and her half-sister Nora Jones, Anoushka is joined onstage by world music exponents: Tanmoy Bose on tabla; Ravichandra Kulur playing flute and kanjira; and Leo Dombecki on keyboard. Anoushka Shankar and her band visit Sydney as part of their international tour … with a repertoire lifted from the critically acclaimed releases “Naked” and “Breathing Under Water”.
"Most people are musicians simply because they play a certain instrument; when they play that instrument, the music appears… and it's like that with Anoushka. She has that quality - She is the music.”- George Harrison

"Shankar put on a dazzling show, effortlessly melding the ancient sounds of the sitar with modern electronic and rock textures. In Shankar's skilled hands, the ethereal instrument took on a life of its own, reinventing itself while still paying homage to its rich history." The Guardian, UK

PERFORMANCE DETAILS: The Anoushka Shankar Project
Venue: Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House 
Date: Saturday 14th June, 2008 
Time: 8pm       Prices: $70 - $125
Bookings: 9250 7777 or

Anoushka Shankar is presented as part of the Hemispheres global music series at Sydney Opera House.


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