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2008 Event Media Release - The Drum

Issued Monday, 7 January 2008


With Greg Sheehan, Bobby Singh and Ben Walsh from Circle of Rhythm

Sitar: Sarangan Sriranganathan Tanpura: Damini Darbar

Based on a traditional Indian folktale, The Drum is a charming musical adventure with Indian dance, percussion and the sitar.

A young boy dreams of owning a drum but his mother cannot afford to buy him one.

Instead she gives him a piece of wood.

What follows is an inspiring journey in which the young boy learns he can fulfil his own desires by being kind and helpful to others.

Written and directed by Dvora Liberman, The Drum will feature two actors, a classically trained Indian dancer, percussion trio Circle of Rhythm, maestro sitar player Sarangan Sriranganathan and Damini Darbar on the tanpura.

Greg Sheehan, Bobby Singh and Ben Walsh have between them changed the face of percussion in Australia.

After 10 years of defining and redefining what Australian drumming can offer the world, they formed Circle of Rhythm, a dynamic trio rich in culture from the various styles they have spent their lives exploring.

A national treasure in his native Sri Lanka, Sarangan’s skill on the sitar transcends the limitations of his instrument so he can express a variety of acoustic and electric sounds.

Considered a revolutionary by his peers, Sarangan sees himself as an orthodox musician - a master of nuance, picking and choosing delicate expressions to suit the mood and feel of a composition.

Set in a relaxed, informal and interactive environment Babies Proms introduces kids to the joys of live music and story telling.

Season Details: The Drum
Dates/Times: Wednesday 16 to Sunday 20 and Wednesday 23 to Sunday 27 April at 10am, 11am & 12pm
Venue: Utzon Room
Tickets: All tickets $18, $14 registered childcare groups
Bookings: (02) 9250 7777
Duration: 35 minutes


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