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2008 Media Release - The Wet Spots

Issued Monday, January 14, 2008


A New Mardi Gras Festival event

The Wet Spots (Cass King and John Woods) sing smart, funny and deliciously naughty tunes about sex.

From guest spots in seedy Canadian cabarets to headlining at seedy comedy clubs, these cult carnal crooners unexpectedly became an overnight YouTube phenomenon, launching them onto the world stage.

Picture an old-fashioned song and dance duo from the golden age of comedy but singing sweetly about threesomes, sex toys, and taking it in the ass. With numbers such as Smack My Bottom and Fist Me This Christmas, expect to hear the most elegant songs about the raunchiest of subjects.

The Wet Spots draw the crowd into a world where the libido is celebrated and satirized with their sweet harmonies and naïve enthusiasm. And let’s not forget the spankings, singalongs, and bawdy sex-ed.

Inspired by the lyrical dexterity of Cole Porter, the hard-hitting satire of South Park and the camp sincerity of Margaret Cho, The Wet Spots have won serious notoriety for their live shows.

When they step on stage, Cass in her corset and John in his signature smoking jacket, sock garters and no pants, the pair presents an image that is vaudevillian, oversexed, and slightly wrong: think fetish club by way of Monty Python.

Few are indifferent when it comes to their genre-busting humour. A unique blend of stand-up, song and sex advocacy, they have won critical acclaim for their outrageously clever lyrics (Georgia Straight) and sophisticated showmanship (Vancouver Sun).

They have also been called utterly without substance and accused of lowering the tone of the evening (Cape Town Times). Confirming both opinions, their album Hello Kinky (2006) became a favourite on queer radio AND the Howard Stern network.
After hearing The Wet Spots on TV shows like The L Word, Australian audiences can now experience them live for the first time, with a best-of sampler packed with salacious delights.

Their live credits include smash appearances at The Vancouver International Comedy Fest, the We're Funny That Way Queer Comedy Fest (Toronto), and the Cape Town Comedy Fest (South Africa), as well as many non-traditional venues, including The Centre for Sex and Culture (San Francisco), The Museum of Sex (NYC), and the Skin Two Rubber Ball (UK).

Before becoming a Wet Spot, John was a singer-songwriter from Winnipeg who performed with pop and punk bands across Canada and England. Cass was a spoken word artist and sex columnist from Ontario who managed a pioneering Vancouver sexuality store.

Season Details: The Wettest of the Wet Spots
Dates/Times: Wednesday 27 to Friday 29 February at 9.30pm.
Venue:  The Studio
Tickets: All tickets $30, $25 concession.
Bookings: (02) 9250 7777
Duration: 75 minutes


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