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2009 Corporate Media Release - Greenpeace Protest

Media Statement: Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Early this morning, Sydney Opera House security became aware of several individuals attempting to climb the eastern-most sail above the Opera Theatre. Sydney Opera House security immediately attended the area and advised NSW Police.

Sydney Opera House security ascertained that the individuals were Greenpeace protestors attempting to gain publicity for the current round of climate treaty negotiations in Copenhagen.

The individuals ascended the sails from the exterior, at great risk to their personal safety, to unfurl a protest banner.

Sydney Opera House works closely with the NSW Police and relevant authorities on all matters of strategic and operational security. Sydney Opera House is a public venue and Australia’s busiest tourist destination.  Site safety and security procedures are managed in a way to ensure that the Opera House delivers an accessible, safe and high quality experience to all visitors.

Any request for information specific to the protestors involved in this incident should be referred to the NSW police. The Sydney Opera House Trust Act provides serious consequences for trespass offences. 

With any incident Sydney Opera House and the NSW Police undertake reviews and will do so in relation to this serious matter.  Sydney Opera House will be making no further comment on matters relating to operational security.

The protestors are in the custody of NSW Police. 

For further information, contact:

Vanessa Duscio
Public Relations Manager, Sydney Opera House
0409 977 312

Christopher Wynton
Corporate Affairs Manager, Sydney Opera House
0403 461 005



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