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2009 Event Media Release - The Dirty Brothers

The Dirty Brothers: The Dark Party

29 April – 3 May
The Studio

A Sydney Comedy Festival event

“The performers approach each act of masochism with zen-like calm…a suave sideshow by three men who will eat, step on or hang from their nipples just about anything.” The Age

The Studio and The Dirty Brothers go well together. Both revel in the arena of cutting edge performance, differentiating themselves from the more conservative acts and venues around town.

Rising from the embers of The Happy Sideshow, The Dirty Brothers (Shep Huntly, Patrick Bath and The Great Gordo Gamsby) have exploded onto the international festival scene risking life and limb to entertain.

Maestro Shep Huntly was a regular guest on the ABC’s Sideshow, Gordo Gamsby pushes the boundaries of what’s humanly possible and Pat Bath is an ex-member of Melbourne’s music legends The Dead Salesmen. All three are part of the hugely successful fringe show The League of Sideshow Superstars.

These kamikaze clown princes of sideshow smash conventions and create inventions that show what this artform might become. Taking inspiration from art-house cinema, they have created a new form of extreme theatre.

A fusion of physical comedy and hardcore sideshow stunts; swords, broken glass, staple guns, singing saws and power tools are just some of their co-stars in this dreamscape of deranged acts.

The Dirty Brothers eat razor-blades, live maggots, and crushed glass; other times attached to a rope, and a chain-linked to a car battery with hooks through their elbows and nipples skin they suffer literally for their art. Walking over a floor covered with mouse and rat-traps, the trio then invite the audience to throw plastic golf balls into their waiting mouths.

The Dark Party is surreal, sublime and just plain funny. Think Samuel Beckett meets The Tokyo Shock Boys or Jackass crossed with the Jim Rose Circus. Like a silent movie, there is no dialogue. Instead a brilliant music score, lighting and sound effects, underscore this dark journey.

An abandoned briefcase on a train platform conceals three clown puppets. Pale-faced, shabbily dressed, and barefoot, this trio of lost vagrant-like souls are trapped in a vignette of parody and self effacing degradation.

Enter at your own peril, but be warned, it may well be worth the risk to your self image and sanity. You’ll wince, you’ll scream, you’ll watch through the gaps between your fingers. You’ll never look at a satay skewer the same way again…

SEASON DETAILS: The Dirty Brothers
Dates/Times: Preview Wednesday 29 April at 9.30pm. Thursday 29 April to Saturday 2 May at 9.30pm and Sunday 3 May at 8pm
Venue:  The Studio
Tickets: $35 or $25 concession. Preview $30/$20
Bookings: (02) 9250 7777 or online at
Duration: 60 minutes



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