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2010 Corporate Media Release - Detours and Destinations

Media Release: 23rd March 2010

Sydney Opera House receives NSW Government funding for new arts mentoring program in western Sydney

Sydney Opera House today announced that the NSW Government will provide a grant of $138,000 to enable the delivery of a new arts education program for young people living in western Sydney.

In partnership with community arts organisations Shopfront and Heaps Decent, the initiative, Detours and Destinations, will connect at-risk youth with mentors from the creative industries, allowing them to develop new skills and express themselves through a variety of creative disciplines.

Groups of students aged 10-15 from Chifley College, Shalvey and Lomandra Public School, Campbelltown will participate in weekly workshops in which they will create content covering a range of artforms including music and film production, stop motion graphics, stencil art and mash up technology.   

Workshops will also take place at Sydney Opera House where students will work with technicians from the recording studio and with members of the production teams.  The content created by the students will then be exhibited as part of a four day installation in the Sydney Opera House Studio and Western Foyers in May. 

The initiative is part of the global landmark’s push to build community engagement and participation by providing access to a Sydney Opera House experience outside of Bennelong Point.

“Education and youth engagement are important priorities for Sydney Opera House. We are delighted to be partnering with Shopfront and Heaps Decent to deliver what we are confident will be an innovative and rewarding experience for everyone involved” said Sydney Opera House CEO Richard Evans.

“The program will give a voice to young people who may not have previously had the chance to be heard and will allow them to tell their stories in a manner that is relevant and engaging to them.” 

Minister for Juvenile Justice, Graham West added: “Detours and Destinations will broaden the young people’s horizons, build their confidence and provide insights into opportunities that exist outside their current environment.”

“Young people at risk are often not engaged in education, so to be part of an artistic program will help them re-engage with new ways of learning and provide them with positive role models and mentors.”

Shopfront artistic director, TJ Eckleberg, and Heaps Decent project manager Erin Morrissey added: “The project uses the technologies young people use everyday but this time it’s their stories, their lives we are seeing.  By creating an interactive exhibition from seemingly insignificant moments young people see what they are capable of doing and this can change lives.”

Following each workshop the content created by the students will be uploaded to the Detours and Destinations blog.  To view the content visit  


For further information and interview opportunities contact:

Steven Reilly 02 9250 7411 / 0434 148 504                                                                                                                      


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