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2010 Event Media Release - GRAPHIC Animation Competition finalsists announced

MEDIA RELEASE: Thursday, July 1, 2010

GRAPHIC online animation competition draws 75 entries from 13 countries – Round One finalists announced

Sydney Opera House received 75 entries from 13 counties for the $20,000 GRAPHIC online animation competition. Presented in partnership with Screen NSW, the worldwide competition is designed to celebrate the innovation, creativity, and imagination behind the art form.

The competition was open to illustrators, animators and storytellers of all levels and entries were received from a variety of countries including Australia, Belarus, Canada, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Italy, Nepal, New Zealand, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom and the United States.

After the first round of judging in which the entries were viewed 25,873 times, the 10 finalists moving on to Round Two are:

 David Blumenstein for The Precinct (Melbourne, Australia)
 Claire Orrell and Joe Perkins for Space Badger: A Badger in Space (Sydney, Australia)
 James Cowen for Junior (Sydney, Australia)
 Jin Hien Lau for Sweet Tooth  (Sydney, Australia)
 Dave Carter for The Catts (Sydney, Australia)
 David Monzingo for ZEN (Los Angeles, California)
 Dave Barton Thomas for Seven Year Twitch (Canada)
 Michael Blanche, Maricar Manalo, Maricor Manalo for Oxygon (Sydney, Australia)
 Joseph Origlierie for Birthday Punches (Brooklyn, New York)
 Paul Mason for The Incredible Koala (Brisbane, Australia)

The competition requires participants to create 3 x 20 second animatics that come together to form a three-part series.

In Round One, entrants had to create a 20 second animatic that included ALL of the following elements: an overarching theme of recovery; something that was seven years old; and a yawn sound effect. A range of animation styles were submitted – from stop motion, illustration and 3D – and all were of a high standard.

Members of the public voted at for the most original and creative animations with a top 20 chosen.

From these entries, the judges – Valerie Allerton, Rob Coleman, James Hackett, Shaun Tan and Jordan Verzar – narrowed the field  down to a top 10 based on the following criteria: creativity and originality in reinterpreting the original theme/elements (40%); degree of technicality (30%) and script (30%).

In the second and third rounds, the short-listed finalists must build on their initial story with an additional element in each animation and create a Facebook profile and online video diary. The deadline for Round 2 is July 11 before voting recommences.

The most popular three entries as voted by the public and two selected by the judges will then proceed to the final round. The entry with the most votes will win the “people’s prize” with the winner chosen by the judges announced on July 28.

The $20,000 prize is to be used as professional development, to post produce the winning entry or to invest in taking the animation to market (international or domestic). The winner also receives Adobe CS5 Master Collection ($4,344 value) and the four finalists each receive Adobe CS5 Production Premium ($2,840 value). 

On top of the cash prize, the winning entry will be screened during the inaugural GRAPHIC festival at Sydney Opera House on August 7 and 8 headlined by celebrated author Neil Gaiman and film maker Kevin Smith.

More information about the festival can be found at 

MEDIA CONTACT: Nathan McIlroy, Senior Publicist, Sydney Opera House
02 9250 7596 / 0434 121 146 /


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