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2011 Event Media Release - Noam Chomsky

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Noam Chomsky at Sydney Opera House

Due to Overwhelming Public Demand, Sydney Opera House and Sydney Peace Foundation present a Second Public Event featuring Noam Chomsky

Opera Theatre, Thursday 3 November, 10.30am – Noon

“For inspiring the convictions of millions about common humanity and for unfailing moral courage. For critical analysis of democracy and power, for challenging secrecy, censorship and violence and for creating hope through scholarship and activism to promote the attainment of universal human rights.” Citation for Noam Chomsky by Sydney Peace Prize Foundation

The Sydney Opera House has today announced that renowned linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky will appear at a second Sydney event to honour his Sydney Peace Prize; after his Sydney Peace Foundation talk at Sydney Town Hall sold out.

Professor Chomsky is a distinguished academic who has been described as the father of modern linguistics.  His long academic career at MIT has seen him his influence spread from linguistics to psychology, philosophy and contemporary politics.

He is also well known for his sustained critique of US foreign policy and his writing about media and society in books like Manufacturing Consent.  From his opposition to the Vietnam War to his criticism of the US-led invasion of Iraq, he has been a prominent and controversial dissenter who has not been afraid to bring his views into the public domain and engage in vigorous debate.

Chaired by Mary Kostakidis, this special event will feature Professor Chomsky answering written audience questions on any ‘Problems of Knowledge and Freedom’ including linguistics, global politics, human rights, responses to climate change, the nature of democracy and any other issues the audience raise.

Stuart Rees, Sydney Peace Foundation Director says, ''Chomsky is one of the West's most influential intellectuals in the cause of peace, the most significant challenger of unjust power.''

Season Details:
Who: Noam Chomsky
When: Thursday 3 November, 2011m 10.30am – Noon
Where: Sydney Opera House, Opera Theatre
Tickets: $15 - $25 / 9250 7777

Facebook / Twitter @SOHnews
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