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2012 Event Media Release - National Geographic Live

12 JUNE 2012  


Sydney Opera House & Sundance Company Present

National Geographic Live

in association with National Geographic Channel

Sydney Opera House, Opera Theatre, Sun 7 October, 18 November, 9 December 2012

For the first time in the southern hemisphere, Sydney Opera House and Sundance Company present National Geographic Live, in association with National Geographic Channel. Behind every great National Geographic photograph there is a great storyteller: the photographer who traverses the globe to enlighten and inspire people to care about the planet. Discover entertaining presentations by National Geographic’s leading photographers. From lively, thought-provoking talks to captivating images and engaging events for the whole family, National Geographic Live brings the world to the Sydney Opera House.

Ann Mossop, Head of Public Programs, Sydney Opera House said, “National Geographic Live is an amazing opportunity for us to stage a live event that is perfect for explorers of any age.  We are delighted to be working with National Geographic to present three of their extraordinary adventurers who will show us where they have been and what they learned about the world around us.”

Sundance Company Director Sam Sneddon said, “We are incredibly excited about working with National Geographic and Sydney Opera House to bring National Geographic Live to Sydney. Audiences the world over have been enthralled and inspired by National Geographic's modern-day explorers. It is a true privilege to have them tell their stories for first time in Australia.”

Brian Skerry
Underwater Photographer 

“I never cease to be amazed at the extraordinary encounters I have when I’m at sea.” — BRIAN SKERRY

Voyage across the oceans with one of National Geographic’s most seasoned photographers and discover a vast, hidden world beneath the waves. Using his camera to communicate, Brian Skerry has spent more than 10,000 hours underwater telling the oceans’ stories. His images celebrate the mystery of the depths and offer portraits of creatures so intimate they sometimes appear to have been shot in a studio. Skerry dives eight months of the year, often in extreme conditions beneath Arctic ice or in predator-infested waters. He has even lived at the bottom of the sea to get close to his subjects.

In 2011, National Geographic published Ocean Soul, a landmark retrospective of Skerry’s photographs. In the book and this presentation, Skerry takes us from the glacial waters of the North Atlantic, where harp seals face off with commercial hunters, to the balmy central Pacific, where he photographed damaged coral ecosystems rebuilding themselves.

Skerry is a passionate spokesman for the oceans he loves to photograph. His riveting presentations to audiences at TED, Harvard and London’s Royal Geographic Society inspire reverence for the marine realm and offer hope for protecting the vitality of the world’s oceans.

Annie Griffiths

“I have learned that even without a shared language, it’s easy to let people know that their children are beautiful, their homes are lovely...and that their stories are worth sharing with the world.”  — ANNIE GRIFFITHS

Experience the life of a National Geographic photographer and meet a true pioneer who figured out how to balance work and family. One of the Society’s first female photographers, Annie Griffiths has worked on every continent except Antarctica, while raising two children. She managed to stay close to her kids without putting the brakes on her career, even if it meant bringing them with her on assignment to distant places like the ruins of Petra or the Galápagos Islands.

What some might consider an obstacle, Griffiths views as an opportunity. “In some of these cultures, I’m a bizarre character - a woman from another world, travelling without a chaperone,” she explains. “When I pull out pictures of my children, the fact that I’m a mother provides common ground.”

In this lavish photographic journey, Griffiths shares three decades of international travel, intimate moments and poignant stories. She’ll also discuss her work with Ripple Effect Images, a team of photojournalists who document aid programs empowering women in emerging nations worldwide.

Mattias Klum

“Thoughtfulness begins with seeing. My job as a photographer is to make that seeing easier. What we appreciate, what fascinates us, we will also want to preserve.” — MATTIAS KLUM

Take an awe-inspiring journey around the world, featuring unique perspectives on some of Earth’s natural wonders—including India’s Asiatic lions, African wildlife, Iceland’s glaciers, the rainforests of Southeast Asia and the Galápagos Islands. Your guide? One of the most important natural history photographers of our time.

Mattias Klum’s work documenting our planet’s biodiversity earned him a medal from the King of Sweden and the title of 2008 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. His dynamic storytelling and award-winning photographs and film documentaries convey a resonant message: to lighten our footprint on Earth and to consider the legacy we will leave to those who follow.

Through Klum’s camera lens, you’ll get an up-to-date report on the state of our planet. And, you’ll marvel at the beauty of the natural world captured in striking new photographs and high-definition video from his most recent expeditions to the world’s last wild places. Enjoy his trademark humour, passion and optimism, as Klum reaches out to audiences on an emotional level, combining astute observations with concrete solutions for sustainability.

Tickets from $49. Tickets on sale from 15 June.

OCEAN SOUL:  Brian Skerry - Sun 7 October 2012, Opera Theatre
A CAMERA, TWO KIDS, AND A CAMEL: Annie Griffiths - Sun 18 November 2012, Opera Theatre
THE LAST WILD PLACES: Mattias Klum - Sun 9 December 2012, Opera Theatre

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