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2006 Media Releases - Events - BLOWBACK

Issued Thursday, 17 August 2006


Not Yet It’s Difficult Productions: Artistic Director: David Pledger
Cast: Roslyn Oades, Todd MacDonald, Luciano Martucci

'Blowback is a potent and unusual theatrical experience, often blackly funny…' Herald Sun

Award winning, internationally acclaimed theatre company, Not Yet It’s Difficult Productions presents BLOWBACK, a darkly, funny work about Australia’s present political situation. Written by Artistic Director, David Pledger, this surreal story has its finger on the pulse of today’s society.

Lifting the lid on an Australia rendered comatose by commercial television and complacent about the abuses being perpetrated in the name of democracy, freedom and safe borders, it tells the story of cultural activists who hack into “New Australia's” communications facility as a form of protest. Hoping to incite an uprising, they upload images from a banned Australian soap opera onto the organisation's system.

The performance follows the live - to - air filming of the last episode of a soapie, ‘A World of Our Own’ - a comic and absurd take on Neighbours. Actions are scrutinised and distorted, people are always at risk of being accused of treason or subversion.

NYID Productions has taken as reference, George Bush’s Project For The New American Century. Employing various disciplines including comedy, dance, film, text and visual art BLOWBACK investigates the dark and violent world of an Australia subject to a new imperial master, showing a disturbing possibility for our future.

A dark humour pervades the production. Just as Quentin Tarentino famously transformed Stealers Wheels, Stuck in the Middle with You from pop tune to perversity in Reservoir Dogs; so too, does Pledger, with the Seekers’ A World of Our Own and Toni Basil’s Mickey to chilling effect.

Created in response to an ever-increasing dependence by the Australian Government on America’s foreign policy, particularly in the wake of the Free Trade agreement, the War on Iraq and establishment of training bases in Northern Australia, NYID explores what Australia would be like under an American Occupation and what kinds of cultural resistance might emerge.

BLOWBACK is a metaphor used by the CIA intelligence services, for the unintended consequences of the US government’s international activities that have been kept a secret from the American people. First used in the 1953 operation to overthrow the government in Iran, the CIA’s fears that there might ultimately be some ‘blowback’ from its egregious interference were well founded.

Founded by Pledger in 1995, NYID has a unique presence in Australia’s contemporary arts culture as a research unit, a producer of industry development programs and a contemporary events maker. Under Pledger, NYID has forged an international reputation for its rigorous, visceral, award winning productions and dynamic performances, receiving invitations to present work in Japan, Denmark, Germany and Ireland amongst others.

A graduate of NIDA, Pledger had fused together narrative, movement, soundscapes and digital technology into a sensory-assaulting theatrical productions. NYID has built a reputation for work that defies many established notions of theatre.

Accompanying the performance on April 29, will be an artist talk between David Pledger and Dr Edward Scheer, a senior lecturer in the school of media, film and theatre at the University of New South Wales.

‘…Pledgers work hits the mark, it is moving and provocative….’ The Age

Season Details:
Season: Preview; 26 Season 27, 28, 29* April. * Post show Artist Talk
Times: 8.15pm, Sun 29 5pm + 8.15pm Venue: The Studio, Sydney Opera House
Tickets: $ Preview adult $25; conc $20; Season Adult 428; conc $22.

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