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2006 Media Releases - Events - global beats

Issued Wednesday, 15 February 2006


13 March – 19 March 2006

After phenomenal success in 2005, Global Beats returns to The Studio for 4 days of music, dance and rhythm from around the world.

From 13 – 19 March, The Studio will pulse with age-old musical traditions of West Africa filtered through new musical horizons, musicians who met in an Irish pub playing anything but Irish ditties, traditional Indonesian instruments combined with high energy dance grooves, techno and house and, finally, masterly percussionists who blend styles and rhythms from around the world into a powerhouse of beats and drumming.

Like last year, some of these unique one-off musical events are certain to be remembered as legendary nights at The Studio – so book early!

Ba Cissoko
Monday 13 March
Guinean kora master Ba Cissoko honed his skills with one of the great griots or storytellers of West Africa’s Manding culture, M’bady Kouyaté. With M’bady’s two sons Kourou and Sékou, the ensemble expanded to include bass, kora and electric kora. In 2001, a Guinean street kid barely out of his teens, Ibrahim Bah, was spotted playing djembe on the local beaches of the capital Conakry and was eventually invited to join the group. Most of Ba Cissoko’s compositions have their roots in Africa, telling stories about African daily life through the ethereal sounds of the kora with Hendrix-like guitar moves. Ba Cissoko’s sound is as solid as the roots of one of West Africa’s huge baobab trees and as fresh as a sea breeze which wafts ashore from the Atlantic to clear out the polluted arteries of the downtown Conakry.

Waiting for Guinness / The Show
Friday 17 March
Waiting for Guinness (WFG) formed as a spontaneous collaboration between friends who had played music together in various bands over the years. Variously described as Garage Cabaret, Gypsy Punk, Inebriated Folk and ‘Rad-Jazz’, WFG take their nourishment from ‘old music’ but hot-wire and adrenalise these styles into their own surreal vision. In The Show, WFG’s performances are spontaneous and anarchic incorporating a theatricality augmented by aerialists and dancers. Join Vlad (the ‘slav’) Simec, the irrepressible Harry Tangiers, Maestro Irk Krumhorn, latin heart-throb Lino Romeo and the enigmatic Kripsen Khulle in a story of fantastic realism based around a European village wedding where you, the audience, are the guests.

Saturday 18 March
The Studio kicks out the seats and turns up the volume for another of its famous Club Nights. Dive into a visual and aural feast celebrating Indonesian Australian beats ranging from resonating gongs to the infectious rhythms of kendang. In Gongtronic, Deva Permana and Reza Achman from Gongbaby and VJ Mark Taylor team up with traditional dancers and special guests from Indonesia, including multi-instrumentalist Efiq Zulfikar. Linked by a classic Indonesian story of the traditional vs the technological and the effects of land degradation and the importance of spirituality, Gongtronic balances the old and the new in a floor burning mix of breaks and beats.

Circle of Rhythm
Sunday 19 March
Heralded as Australia’s most exciting rhythm trio, Greg Sheehan, Bobby Sing and Ben Walsh have between them changed the face of percussion in Australia. From the high energy, fast-paced drumming styles of Japan and Polynesia to the ethereal and spiritually uplifting sounds of India, Circle of Rhythm pays homage to a multicultural Australia. Expect a powerhouse of razor-sharp, precision beats and drumming of the highest order delivered in a sometimes humorous and relaxed Australian approach. Greg, Bobby and Ben will make you laugh, share their stories and leave you breathless.

Season Details: Global Beats

Ba Cissoko: Monday 13 March 8.15pm $30/$25
Waiting for Guinness: Friday 17 March 9.00pm $25/$20
Gongtronic: Saturday 18 March 9.00pm $25/$20
Circle of Rhythm: Sunday 19 March 7.30pm $25/$20

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