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2006 Media Releases - Events - Hinepau

Issued Friday, 18 August 2006

10-22 October

Legendary New Zealand tale hits Australian shores

‘Youngsters … will be hooked on theatre for life … [Hinepau] is truly exhilarating and heartening … the best use of audio visual technique I have seen in theatre.’
The Dominion Post, NZ

Based on the award-winning children’s picture book by New Zealand writer Gavin Bishop, Hinepau is a funny and dynamic production telling the tale of a young Maori girl banished from her tribal village for being different.

Poor Hinepau, sent away from her village just because she has red hair, green eyes and does inside-out weaving. Her friends think she is a witch and are mean to her, but when they annoy the gods by cutting down a totara tree without saying the proper karakia (prayer), guess who they ask to help…

This stunning production celebrates Maori culture in a format which is accessible and engaging as well as exploring issues relevant to young people the world over, including peer pressure and respecting each other.

“Now, more than ever, we need to protect and nurture our planet and perhaps we can learn this from our ancestors,” says director Rachel House who is of Maori decent. “My goal with Hinapau was to make a funny, funky show so that kids can have a good time and hopefully reflect on the need to look after ourselves, each other and our environment.”

With its stunning audio visuals technology, digital sound scapes, hand-crafted props, ingenious animation and remarkable cast, Hinepau will captivate audiences from beginning to end.

Capital E National Theatre for Children is one of New Zealand’s leading professional touring theatre companies. Focused on developing a unique repertoire for children’s stage shows, the Sydney Opera House season of Hinepau will mark their first ever performance in Australia. Following this they will tour to Melbourne to perform at The Arts Centre.

Details: HINEPAU
Dates: 10-22 October @ 10am & 12.30pm
Tickets: $22, (groups $19 each for 4 or more)
Venue: The Studio, Sydney Opera House

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