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2006 Media Releases - Events - Honour Bound World Premiere

Issued Friday, 18 August 2006


Behind the gates of Guatanamo. Into the world of David Hicks. A dynamic, passionate and confronting new work, combining theatre, dance, film and aerial performance.

This world premiere brings together two of Australia’s leading theatre visionaries, director Nigel Jamieson and acclaimed Australian Dance Theatre choreographer Garry Stewart.

Since September 11, Australia’s engagement in the ‘war on terror’ has raised questions about the balance between the pursuit of our national security and our human rights. Honour Bound is an intensely passionate and confronting new work that explores these issues through an extraordinary combination of dance, film, theatre and aerial performance. It’s a culturally and artistically ambitious work that focuses on the experiences of Terry Hicks and his son David – held in Guantanamo Bay for four years without trial. It integrates Terry’s personal testimony as a father and draws on letters, internal Pentagon papers and the accounts of former detainees.
A daring and provocative work Honour Bound, which takes its title from the words written above the gates at Guantanamo Bay, is about some of the most important issues we face as a society today: law and order, hatred and love, humanity, and human beings pushed beyond their limits.

Set in a towering eight - metre square cage, six hyper-athletic performers fly, leap and hurl themselves around the cage using a complex rigging system. Allowing the performers to stand, walk and run up all its surfaces, be suspended, turned and spun in space, the flying system will provide a metaphor for people suspended in limbo portraying the sense of dislocation and disorientation.

Nigel Jamieson has been Artistic Director of some of the world’s most enthralling large-scale productions creating spectacular moments such as 400 Cambodian monks chanting in Angkor Wat, the unforgettable Tin Symphony during the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics and the closing ceremony of the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games. Honour Bound develops and further extends techniques Jamieson began exploring in such previous productions as All of Me and Homelands for Legs on the Wall. With this work, he has sought to develop an intense physical and aerial language, integrating live performance with projected film and imagery to explore such issues as family dynamics (All Of Me) and the experience of migrants and refugees, transposed on to a 100 metre vertical wall (Homelands).

Garry Stewart, Artistic Director of Australian Dance Theatre, is renowned for the intense physicality of his work and exploration of bodies pushed to their physical and emotional extremities. Productions such as Birdbrain, Age of Unbeauty and Held showcase the sheer physical strength of the dancers in an integration of martial arts, gymnastics and dance. This makes him the perfect collaborator for Nigel Jamieson on Honour Bound.

Honour Bound has its world premiere at Sydney Opera House on August 2, 2006 and opens at the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne on September 15.

Conception Direction and Co-Design - Nigel Jamieson
Co-designer - Nicholas Dare
Choreography - Garry Stewart
Lighting Designer - Damien Cooper
Created in consultation with Terry Hicks
Video Artist - Scott Otto Anderson
Composer & Sound Designer - Paul Charlier
Video Artist - Scott Otto Anderson
Performed & co-devised by - DJ Garner, Alexandra Harrison, David Mueller, Marnie Palomares, Brendan Shelper, Paul White.

Sydney Season
Venue: The Playhouse
Previews 28 July - 30 July, 2006
Season 1 August - 3 September, 2006
Times: Tues 6.30pm, Wed - Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm
Also Tues 22 Aug & Wed 30 Aug 12.30pm
Artists Talk: Sunday 6 August (post show)
Tickets: Previews $43
Season $53/$43

Melbourne season
Venue: Malthouse Theatre (at the CUB Malthouse)
Dates: Preview 13 - 14 September
Season 15 September - 1 October, 2006
Tickets: Previews $31 - $42
Season Thurs - Sun $33 - $45
Times: Tues 6.30pm, Wed - Sat 7.30pm, Sun 5pm
Matinees Thurs 21 Sept 1pm, Sat 23 Sept 2pm
Tickets: $15 - $45 + booking fee

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