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2006 Media Releases - Events - Paradise City

Issued Thursday, 9 November 2006 


Body, board and bike reclaim the city

A breathtaking display of skill from a line-up of world class performers,
Paradise City is an eye-popping fusion of street-style, dance and physical performance.

Set in a stark urban space that is littered with road barriers, a plush red velvet curtain and a quarter pipe skateboard ramp Paradise City is a landscape shaped by the people that inhabit it.

Starring Australian BMX champion Simon O’Brien, world-class skateboarder Michael Mulhall and b-boy Anthony ‘Lamaroc’ Lawang, together with vocalist Inga Liljeström, physical theatre performer Alexandra Harrison and dancer Kathryn Puie.

Paradise City sees the echoing of movement style between disciplines that would never normally meet. Effortlessly the performers dance together – on BMX Simon O’Brien performs a spell-binding tango with contemporary dancer Kathryn Puie and a funny, yet graceful duet with physical performer Alexandra Harrison.

This playful interaction is intensified through the work of sound designer Bob Scott, who takes the unmistakable sound of skateboard wheels on concrete and mixes it with the evocative voice of Inga Liljeström.

Through the use of an immersive surround sound system, Scott creates a live score encompassing Bach, pumping funk and driving guitars.

Co-creator and Director, Lee Wilson said “This project has grown out of a love for the anarchic, do-it-yourself nature of the urban art forms of breaking, flatland BMX and freestyle skateboarding.

Paradise City integrates these forms into an ensemble work, with resonating layers of readings and meaning for an audience – whilst maintaining the raw energy and excitement of a street style jam.”

Redefining the city with body, board and bike, what was once a stark landscape is elevated from the mundane to the magical – a paradise city.

Details: Paradise City
Dates: Thur 30 November to Sun 10 December
Venue: The Studio
Tickets: $20/$30

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