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2007 Media Releases - Sydney Opera House launches inaugural Annual Giving Program

Issued Tuesday, 27 March 2007


For the first time since its completion, Sydney Opera House is launching a strategic philanthropic program that will generate unrestricted operating support to underpin its vision and promise. The program has already received multi-year pledges secured from the Trust, staff and philanthropists that amount to $750,000 and has a three year target of raising $3 million.

Funding generated by the Annual Giving Program will help Sydney Opera House sustain core business, and will enhance investment in artistic excellence and innovation, education programs, audience development and accessibility.

“Sydney Opera House is one of the only performing arts centres in Australia which has not had a philanthropic program to secure funding for future projects. It was important for us to take responsibility for our own core business of promoting the performing arts” said Dr Norman Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Opera House.

“The Annual Giving Program will help us to continue to develop our role as a major producer and presenter so that we can support artists and bring innovative performances to existing audiences and new ones” said Dr Norman Gillespie.

“We believe that the Sydney Opera House Annual Giving Program is an important milestone in helping to develop the future of Sydney Opera House and as an organisation, we are thrilled to be launching our first philanthropic initiative” he added.

The Sydney Opera House Annual Giving Program is Sydney Opera House’s initial philanthropic program and has been designed to help ensure that the House remains artistically vibrant and accessible.

“Sydney Opera House Trust has identified philanthropy as a realistic and major new source of revenue. This helps us responsibly address our financial needs” said Mr Kim Williams, Chairman, Sydney Opera House Trust.

Donations will be accepted from $2 and above. The Leadership Circle, the premium donor group, starts at $10,000.

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