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2007 Media Release - Sydney Opera House launches new tour

Tuesday 09 October 2007


For the first time ever, visitors to Sydney Opera House can now see as well as hear the dramatic story of the building following the introduction of a completely new visitor experience, The Essential Tour.

Featuring previously unseen video footage from the House archives, with narration by Golden Globe winner Rachel Griffiths, The Essential Tour uses the latest audio-visual technology to give visitors a compelling experience.

Video sequences are shown at points of interest, using the building itself as a storytelling canvas.  The sequences are delivered in ways which respect the building’s world heritage values using methods such as the projection of footage directly onto the interior fabric of the building.

The Essential Tour takes visitors on a journey celebrating the creative genius of architect Jørn Utzon, telling the story of a building which came into existence against seemingly impossible odds.

Maria Sykes, Director of Tourism & Visitor Operations at Sydney Opera House said:

“On The Essential Tour guests will be completely immersed in the story of Australia’s national icon and given an insight into the special magic moments which take place at Sydney Opera House every day."

"Tour guides bring to life the remarkable tale of design, construction, conflict and renewal, weaving video and sound with the unique structure of the building itself."

"Guests will be amazed at the facts, anecdotes and secret stories which are revealed during the tour.  Even lifelong Sydneysiders will learn things they never knew about the building."

"The Essential Tour is a celebration of Sydney Opera House's life as one of the busiest performing arts centres in the world and an architectural masterpiece of human creative genius."


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