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2007 Media Release - Dr Egg and the Man with No Ear

Issued Tuesday, 29 May 2007

25 - 28 July

A production by Jessica Wilson
from an original story by Catherine Fargher

Produced by Performing Lines
Commissioned by Sydney Opera House

After a man loses his ear in a freak accident with a snappy bull terrier, a mysterious scientist called Dr Egg offers to grow the man a new one. Bet there’s a catch: the doctor needs a piece of flesh from the man’s precious daughter. The man refuses to harm her, but his daughter finds her way to Dr Egg’s laboratory anyway. And instead of just an ear an entire new person grows… Now she’s bound to get an earful when her dad finds out.

Suitable for young people aged 12 and over, Dr Egg and the Man With No Ear is a parable about the moral and ethical dilemmas we all face as we confront new developments in biotechnology and genetics. Drawing on stop motion animation, puppetry and physical performance, this remarkable piece of theatre brings together a unique and exceptional group of Australian artists.

Performer, Annie Lee, has built a substantial career as actor, cabaret singer, writer, songwriter and director. Probably best known across Australia as the dour sister, Mourne, in the Kransky Sisters, Annie has won the Melbourne Age Critic’s Award and received a prestigious Barry Humphries Award nomination. She has also toured her original German Kabarett shows throughout Australia, Germany and Ireland.

Writer, Catherine Fargher, has worked across many media including radio, contemporary performance and community theatre for organisations such as ABC Radio, Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Death Defying Theatre and National Women’s Theatre. Director, Jessica Wilson, studied with the great Philippe Genty and has worked with Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Brink Performance Group and the European tour of the Snuff Puppets.

This is theatre for all the senses, examining some of the pressing issues of the 21st century.

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