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2007 Media Release - Emily loves to Bounce

Issued Thursday, 1 March 2007


“Emily Loves to Bounce is a masterstroke of ingenuity - a beautiful blend of sound, mime and illusion. It is intriguing, mystical, funny and irresistible. Thoroughly absorbing.” Adelaide Theatre Guide

“Further evidence of Adelaide’s Patch Theatre Company’s invention, energy and flair.” The Australian

From the company that produced the sell-out season of Mr McGee and the Biting Flee comes Emily Loves to Bounce. Based on the illustrated books of Stephen Michael King, Patch Theatre Company has once again created a marvelous, visual and aural world exploring some of the thoughts and feelings common to four to eight year olds in The Playhouse from 17 April to 2 May.

This story is about Henry who is a true-blue, right-brainer, spontaneous and whacky and Amy who is the ultimate, left-brainer - efficient, pragmatic and organised. Both are creative and imaginative in their own way. With plenty of humour the two learn from each other and discover the wonderment of each others worlds.

Using a box - the idea of breaking out of boxes, both physically and mentally - as the central motif Emily Loves to Bounce explores childhood, friendship, family and the integration of Henry and Amy’s different worlds. A whimsical score of classical contemporary and folk music is played live on cello and violin and Geoff Cobham’s simple meditative designs complement the gentle tone and unhurried pace.

A large purple ball called ‘Emily’ keeps appearing. Boxes move mysteriously. Shadows tell the story of two children learning how to fly. A large illuminated box – a gift from Amy to Henry - soars through the air. Amazing ideas are illuminated in a beautiful display of Chinese lanterns that mysteriously emerge from a black box. In a poignant yet joyous finale, to a hummed rendition of Beethoven’s Song of Joy, a thousand multi-coloured balls rain down from the sky in an explosion of colour.

Patch Theatre Company has earned its stripes as South Australia’s longest-running theatre company for children, celebrating their 35th birthday in 2007. A testament to their success, the company is also touring Mr McGee and the Biting Flee nationally, Sharon, Keep Your Hair On to New Zealand and Pigs, Bears and Billy Goats Gruff to Singapore.

Bursting with music, sound, imagery and illusion, audiences are drawn into the boundless energy, the effusive exhilaration and the vibrant creativity of childhood that is Emily Loves to Bounce.

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