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2007 Media Release - Future Tense

Issued Tuesday, 8 May 2007


"With their inventive use of projection and strong physicality, these two solos make perfect companions. I highly recommend this Double Bill to Sydney Opera House audiences.”
Mikhail Baryshnikov

“..compelling…the precision and clarity of his actions imprint on the eye and the mind.”
The Times, London

Gingras’ beautifully oppressive solo sketches a dreadful yet comical-absurd scenario of
the future.Westdeutsche Zeitung

In a programme suggested to us by Mikhail Baryshnikov, Sydney Opera House presents Future Tense - Pierre Rigal in Erection and Andre Gingras’CYP17a double bill of dynamic dance in the Playhouse from 1 – 12 August.

French choreographer and dancer, Pierre Rigal and Canadian choreographer Andre Gingras explore the intersections of art and science. Using their creativity to reveal the world in new and unexpected ways, Rigal and Gingras investigate and blur the digital world with the corporeal, making technology a true dance partner.


In forty-five spellbinding minutes, inspired by Darwinian theory and science fiction, French dancer and choreographer Pierre Rigal tracks the evolution of man from primitive life to homo erectus.

Starting from a recumbent position, Rigal has devised a clever solo which develops the theme of the evolution of our species through the notion of the ‘erection’ of our body. In a journey of twists, turns and constant surprises, Rigal finds his way to an upright position.

The surprising and radical use of saturated colour lets us see him like an elementary particle, caught in the light as video images of an ever-changing space are projected onto the floor forcing Rigal to find his way within the limits of his surroundings. It is a stunning pas de deux for dancer and projections.

In a performance of extraordinary power and grace, Rigal, a former international athlete who specialised in the 400m sprint and hurdles, showcases the rare flexibility and ‘explosiveness’ that is so characteristic of sportspeople. Directed by founder of the acclaimed Compagnie 111, Auriélian Bory, a pioneering figure in French contemporary circus, Erection melds body movements with images and sound to create a stunning visual environment that gives us a glimpse into infinity.

Transferring his discipline for athletics to his studies, Rigal completed a degree in mathematics and economics through the University of Barcelona as well as a degree in cinema from the Audio Visual School of Toulouse. He entered the world of dance inspired by meeting some of Europe’s leading choreographers including Wim Vandekeybus, and directors such as Mladen Materic who were combining dance and theatre with sophisticated technology. In 2002, Rigal joined the company of Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin and at the same time worked as a video clip and documentary director. In 2004 Pierre Rigal founded his own company “compagnie dernière minute”.to explore his particular vision for the interplay of dance and technology.

Fast becoming the hottest news from Europe, choreographer André Gingras, a Canadian who lives and works in Amsterdam, is celebrated for his unique physical dance language. He brings to Sydney the acclaimed work that made his international reputation.
CYP17 is a highly theatrical work for solo dancer and video with texts by Galileo Galilei, William Burroughs, American Science magazine, and a man who believes his father was cloned by aliens.
Gingras shakes our perceptions with his bio-ethical explorations presented in a thematically layered environment of arresting visual imagery, sardonic humour and impeccable choreography. The movement is tortured, nervous and restless as befits a paranoid man in a holding cell who believes everyone around him was cloned by the CIA.

Combining digital imagery with edgy physicality, Gingras mixes styles from capoeria to breakdancing. The dancer’s fast paced robotic gestures capture the very pulse of stillness whilst racing against real time projections, pushing at body boundaries with every breath.

Performed by Norwegian Kenneth Flak in a space without exits, Gingras presents the freak show of the future, asking what our lives will be like after gene manipulation, super athletes and alien pregnancies. Will man become a prisoner of future technologies?

Andre Gingras studies in Canada encompassed theatre, English literature, and contemporary dance. He has presented CYP17 throughout the Netherlands and at prestigious festivals and venues in France, Germany, the USA and Venice where it was a sensation of the 2005 Biennale of Dance.

In 2000, he was awarded the Amsterdam Arts fund Encouragement Prize for most promising young choreographer. He has been an ongoing part of Robert Wilson’s creative team since 1996, performing in Wilson’s works all over the world. Recently he has choreographed for Ballet Rambert in the UK and Iceland Dance Company.

Season Details:
Venue: Playhouse
Dates: Wed 1 - Sun 12 August
Tickets: $48 / $38
Bookings: 02 9250 7777 or

Media Enquiries:
Claire Vince, Senior Publicist / 9250 7825 / 0409 560 742

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