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2007 Media Release - Jim Woodring

Issued Wednesday, 2 May 2007


"Woodring is fantastic… his stuff will outlast all but one in a thousand of his peers… a revelation." Understanding Comics

"Frank is such a strange creation… wordless, timeless, placeless and existing on its own bizarre terms. It offers tableaus of tenderness and bloodshed, cruelty and sacrifice, love and betrayal, terror and bliss… wrapped like candies from another planet." Francis Ford Coppola

Meet one of the most revolutionary artists to change the face of comic books as we know them. For the first time in Australia the creator of the comic books Frank and Jim, Jim Woodring, will appear in a specially crafted show at The Studio, Sydney Opera House

Featuring select cuts from Visions of Frank a collection of Frank animations by Japan’s most audacious film makers, the show also includes some of Australia’s most unique musicians - Jeff Lang, Michael Lira and Peter Hollow - performing live musical reflections of other Frank comic strips and original paintings by Woodring. An exclusive question and answer session with the artist himself will close the show.

Jim Woodring’s mind re-programming comic work has received critical acclaim across the globe. He has been labelled as the most important cartoonist of our generation and his work has been exhibited across America, Japan and Europe.

Born in Los Angeles in 1952 he tuned his craft in various 'underground' publications before becoming a full-time freelance cartoonist primarily for advertising agencies and public relations companies but also working on whatever projects came his way, such as student films and other collaborative art.

In 1980 he self-published the first issue of his ‘illustrated autojournal’, JIM, containing comics, drawings and stories drawn from his childhood experiences. JIM was subsequently published as a 32-page magazine by Fantagraphics Books at which stage he left animation and embarked on a career as a full-time cartoon artist.

Woodring’s work has been featured in many publications that deal with comics and culture, from the high-brow Kenyon Review and World Art Magazine to Francis Coppola's Zoetrope, as well as the Frank comics.

In 2006 he and guitarist Bill Frisell were awarded a United States Artists Fellowship for their collaborative stage shows. In 2007 a large solo show of work from all phases of his career was the centrepiece of the International Comics Festival in Angouléme, France, and he has been invited to participate in the Toys and Comiix exhibition, due to open in November at the Louvre.

Details: Jim Woodring
Dates: Friday 25 & Saturday 26 May @ 8.15pm
Venue: The Studio
Tickets: $30/$25
Bookings: (02) 9250 7777 or online

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