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Sydney Opera House Customer Commitment


“In all our endeavours, we are committed to placing the needs and views of our customers first”

1. Our reputation
Service first and foremost. We will be known for exceptional service by everyone who visits Sydney Opera House and everyone who works here.

2. Our customers
Everyone who comes into contact with us is a customer. We understand and embrace the idea that our customers are critical to our success and will be at the heart of all of our effort, energy and creativity. We are proud of the diversity of our customers, which is reflected in our programs, products and services. We will display the same behaviours in all our interactions, whether to customers, colleagues, contractors or suppliers.

3. Our style
We will make customers feel warmly welcomed and strive to ensure that visiting Sydney Opera House is a vibrant, compelling and memorable experience that exceeds expectations. We will offer a courteous, helpful, informed and personalised response to our customers. We will seek and value our customers’ feedback and support each other in responding to their needs.

4. Our spirit
Sydney Opera House is an exciting place to visit and a workplace to be proud of. We will convey a sense of warmth and passion for Sydney Opera House in all our interactions with our customers and with one another.

5. Our profile
We are more than employees of Sydney Opera House - we are all its ambassadors and are part of its personality. We will acknowledge this identity by always taking pride in our presentation, our services, our attitudes and our behaviour. We will make sure Sydney Opera House is a clean, safe, sustainable and enjoyable precinct.

6. Our team 
We will work together, support each other and take personal responsibility to ensure that the customer experience is always seamless and consistently excellent. We will bring our knowledge and expertise to each interaction, offering responsive, effective and exceptional service to achieve the best possible outcome. Service at Sydney Opera House means everyone, everywhere, every time making every customer feel special.


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