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2007 Media Release - The Needle & the Damage Done

Issued Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Starring Fiona Scott-Norman    Directed by Paul McCarthy

“one of the funniest and most awkwardly embarrassing nights you'll have” ****½ The Age

There’s some bad music out there. Mesmerising, car-crash, can’t look away, bad music. Put out on vinyl by misguided Christians, Aussie TV stars, footy players, racists and misogynistic soul singers to name but a few, Fiona Scott-Norman has been collecting this stuff since she was old enough to shoplift a Rolf Harris record. And she figures it’s time to share the love.

Directed by Comedy Inc’s Paul McCarthy, The Needle & The Damage Done is a joyous romp through the top ten most compellingly bad albums ever recorded. A sell-out hit at the 2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the show is a hilarious dissection of bad popular culture.

A deejay, director, columnist and life model before joining the ranks of stand-up comedy three years ago, this is Scott-Norman’s first solo show. Having been a theatre and comedy critic for 15 years, she is currently meditating on the quotation, “Judge not lest ye be judged”.

Part slide show, part stand up, part record collectors fair, The Needle & The Damage Done draws on Scott-Norman’s own collection of hard core musical kitsch from the past two decades. A celebration of cultural archaeology, the play list includes tracks from John Laws, to Torvill & Dean and even Bernard King.

Delivered with deadpan irony, Scott-Norman has gathered plenty of material to work from after hosting the radio program Trash Is My Life, a celebration of bad music and B-grade celebrity, for seven years. The Needle & The Damage Done interrogates why she was drawn to these albums and what makes those collectable cultural icons so funny, shocking and compelling.

Despite promising plenty of laughs, the show also confronts the lessons and anomalies of the past, recognising the cultural shifts which have occurred. From racism and sexism to child exploitation and sex, Scott-Norman will entertain and make audiences squirm with the joy of wrong. She also guarantees plenty of sing-alongs.

Scott-Norman has either produced, created or directed The Golden Guy Fawkes Awards, Just Came Out Of A Coma, Cliff Hanger In Catch A Falling Star, Angry Eddie with Eddie Perfect, Existential Romp, Wes Snelling’s Man Diva and Anthony Menchetti’s We’re All Going To Die.

Season Details: The Needle & The Damage Done
Dates/Times: Wednesday 5 & Saturday 8 December at 8.30pm. Thursday 6 &
Friday 7 December at 7.30pm. Saturday 8 December at 6.30pm.
Venue: The Studio
Tickets: All tickets $28 / groups of 4 or more $20 per person
Bookings: +61 2 9250 7777 or online at
Duration: 75 minutes


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