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Media Releases - Building Program

Issued Friday, 5 March 2004


Sydney Opera House is looking to optimise the acoustic qualities of the Concert Hall.

Nagata Acoustics, who worked on the new Frank Gehry designed Walt Disney Centre, has completed an acoustic audit of the venue.

This audit included extensive consultation with all stakeholders including Sydney Symphony musicians, conductors (including Edo de Waart and Gian Luigi Gelmetti), and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Nagata is currently developing a long-term plan for the ideal acoustic design for the Hall. An element of this will be a review of the acoustic performance of the stage area and the orchestra configuration.

I understand from various statements that the Concert Hall has certain acoustical problems. But as it is an impressive auditorium, that the public is happy about, I suggest that an approach be made to an acoustical specialist who has made concert halls of a similar size and complexity with success. Jørn Utzon 2002



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