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Media Releases - Building Program

Issued Friday, 5 March 2004


Valuable new information about the Opera Theatre has come to light during the technical investigation work for the theatre’s improvement program.

This research suggests options and opportunities for the theatre’s potential refurbishment which had not been apparent previously.

While these new concepts would be more comprehensive than the current, smaller scale plans, Sydney Opera House believes there is considerable merit in exploring them further.

Consequently the initial plan to close the Opera Theatre in October 2005 for refurbishment work currently will not proceed. This will be reviewed again during 2004.

Sydney Opera House is working closely with the primary users of this theatre (the Australian Ballet and Opera Australia) on this project and both companies are very supportive of further exploration and the change in timing.

After investigating the nature of the Opera Theatre we have discovered a lot of issues that will need careful consideration. I’m looking forward to be engaged in, and work with the detailed study and design process. Jørn Utzon 2003



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