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Media Releases - Building Program

Issued Thursday, 2 October 2003


Hellebaek 2. October 2003

To The Premier of NSW

Dear Mr. Carr

Congratulations on your re-election. It is very gratifying for me to know that you are still the Premier for NSW, thus ensuring your Governments continued interest in the Sydney Opera House.

Please also accept my warmest congratulations for the 30th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House.

To me it is a great joy to know how much the building is loved, by Australians in general and by Sydneysiders in particular.

In four years time, it is the 50th anniversary for my own engagement in the work on the Opera House, a work that I never really ceased to be involved in. Even in the period between when I left Australia in the late 60's and until my re-engagement on the Opera House in the late 90's, I have constantly felt the presence of the Sydney Opera House close to my heart, and of course often wondered if I could have acted differently back then, in a way which could have made it possible for me to continue the work. Unfortunately that decision was out of my hands. However, due to the initiative of the Sydney Opera House Trust and the generous support of you and your government, I am today overjoyed at being involved with the Sydney Opera House again, together with my son Jan and Richard Johnson and his office.

We are going to make both great and more subtle changes and improvements to the Sydney Opera House, improvements that will delight performers, audience and the general public alike.

We will be commencing the physical work on the Reception Hall shortly and succeeding that, work on the Western Foyer. After investigating the nature of the Opera Theatre we have discovered at lot of issues that will need careful consideration. I’m looking forward to be engaged in, and work with the detailed study and design process concerning this great performance space, ultimately ensuring that the Opera Theatre will be one of the truly great halls in the world.

With my warmest regards and with great respect for your work, yours truly,

Jørn Utzon


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