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Sydney Opera House Playhouse


Bring the crowd close and play to your greatest strengths.

Want to draw the crowd closer to your creative talents? Seating just 398, Sydney Opera House’s Playhouse is where story-telling – no matter if it’s in the form of theatre, dance, music or the spoken word – is at its most intimate.

Originally designed for chamber music recitals, and best suited for single-set productions, the Playhouse is perfectly designed to bring everything from dramatic performances and film screenings, to presentations and conferences direct to the audience. It’s where contemporary artistic forces such as Bell Shakespeare, Sydney Festival and Sydney Opera House Presents put on their greatest acts. And a place where distance dissolves, where the spectators live and breathe every creative moment alongside the stars of the show.

Usually unseen, but adding to the venue's flexibility is a fit-out that includes motorised battens to hang the lighting rig and scenery, enabling sensational productions to be realised. Obvious to all, however, are the Playhouse’s impeccable acoustics. When you take the stage, and look your audience straight in the face, these alone ensure that every movement and each syllable, whether spoken or sung, will reach out and resonate.
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