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Sydney Opera House Recording Studio

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Capture the moment and reach thousands.

When you perform at the inspirational Sydney Opera House, it’s easy to get lost in the moment – but that doesn’t mean your performance should be lost when the sound of applause fades away. For the complete creative experience, Sydney Opera House offers breathtaking filming locations and a world-class recording studio that is second to none.

Boasting state-of-the-art technology, the Recording Studio unlocks a world of potential for film makers, producers and individual artists alike. Located within the main shell of Sydney Opera House, it’s connected to every on-site location via an advanced optical fibre-based digital audio network that provides unrivalled audio quality, whether it’s a Michael Bublé concert or a live broadcast of the Australian Idol Grand Final.

Given the calibre of the performers seen under the sails, the Recording Studio has to be pitch perfect, which is why it’s run by a small team of highly professional and dedicated engineers who have years of industry experience. These skills combine with an intimate working knowledge of Sydney Opera House performance venues. It’s a unique and seamless blend of services that captures all the mood and drama of the occasion, and ensures that your event reaches its maximum audience at the best possible quality.

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