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Sydney Opera House Building Program

Building Program

22 April 2008 First indoor escalators and lift for Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House has revealed plans for the first ever interior escalators, which will take patrons to the Opera Theatre and Concert Hall. More

5 Jan 2007 Early Work Begins on Significant Access Improvements for Sydney Opera House

Preliminary work starts this week on the Accessibility and Western Foyers Project, a project that will greatly improve accessibility for visitors to the House, an important milestone in Sydney Opera House’s history. More    

25 Aug 2006 Significant Access Improvements for Sydney Opera House

NSW Premier Morris Iemma today announced $38 million in funding to upgrade the public entrances to the Sydney Opera House including a major refurbishment of the foyers designed by Jørn Utzon. More 

13 Mar 2006 The Queen Opens Opera House's First Change

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II today formally opened the new Colonnade at Sydney Opera House – the first change to the exterior of the building since its completion in 1973. More 

23 Feb 2006 The Colonnade - A Fresh Perspective

From a distance, Sydney Opera House doesn’t look much different than it did just over a year ago, before construction commenced on the new Colonnade. More 

2 May 2005 Work Begins on New Colonnade for Sydney Opera House

Work starts this week on the construction of a 45-metre loggia, or colonnade, along the Harbour Bridge side of Sydney Opera House. More 

16 Sept 2004 The Utzon Room: A First For Sydney Opera House

The first venue at Sydney Opera House designed by Jørn Utzon will be officially opened tonight by Premier Bob Carr and re-named the Utzon Room in honour of the great architect. More 

14 Sept 2004 Early Work Begins on New Colonnade for Sydney Opera House

Preliminary work starts this week on the construction of a 45-metre loggia, or colonnade, along the Harbour Bridge side of Sydney Opera House.

This will be the first structural change to the exterior of the building since it opened in 1973. More  

5 Mar 2004 Building Program at Sydney Opera House

To me it is a great joy to know how much the building is loved, by Australians in general and by Sydneysiders in particular. Jørn Utzon 2003

Sydney Opera House is one of the architectural wonders of the world, perhaps the best known building of the 20th century with its design and construction involving countless innovative design ideas and construction techniques. More

5 Mar 2004 Reception Hall

When complete in mid-2004, the rejuvenated Reception Hall will be a superb and versatile venue.

It will also be the only authentic Utzon interior within Sydney Opera House. Unlike other spaces which were structurally altered after Jørn Utzon left the project in 1966, the Reception Hall had only superficial modifications. More 

5 Mar 2004 Western Loggia

Work on the new loggia, or colonnade, will commence in mid-2004, opening the Western Venue Foyers (The Playhouse, Drama Theatre and The Studio) to the Western Broadwalk and harbour, with large windows and doorways creating a light, open and bright environment. More 

5 Mar 2004 Opera Theatre

Valuable new information about the Opera Theatre has come to light during the technical investigation work for the theatre’s improvement program.

This research suggests options and opportunities for the theatre’s potential refurbishment which had not been apparent previously. More 

5 Mar 2004 Concert Hall

Sydney Opera House is looking to optimise the acoustic qualities of the Concert Hall.

Nagata Acoustics, who worked on the new Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Centre, has completed an acoustic audit of the venue. More 

3 Dec 2003 Sydney Opera House: Australia's Greatest Building Gains State Heritage Honours

The Premier of NSW, Mr Bob Carr today announced that Australia’s greatest building, the Sydney Opera House, has been listed on the State Heritage Register. More 

17 Oct 2003 Reply to Jørn Utzon from the Premier of NSW

It was wonderful to read your kind letter of 2 October, which Jan delivered to me this morning. I have taken the liberty of making its contents public, thus sharing your feelings with the people of Sydney, indeed with all Australians. More 

17 Oct 2003 Opera House Celebrates 30 Years with True Utzon Interior

On the eve of a weekend of 30th birthday celebrations, the Premier of NSW and Minister for the Arts, Bob Carr has announced that work will begin in a fortnight on the reception hall, on the eastern side of Sydney’s famed Opera House. More 

2 Oct 2003 Letter to the Premier of NSW from Jørn Utzon

Congratulations on your re-election. It is very gratifying for me to know that you are still the Premier for NSW, thus ensuring your Governments continued interest in the Sydney Opera House. More 

2 Oct 2003 All’s Well That Ends Well for Two Innovative Architects, Utzon and Gehry

There are 32 years and 7,487 miles separating the Sydney Opera House and Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall, but they share two things: an iconic image and a troubled history. Both are competition winning designs - the Danish architect, Jørn Utzon, conceived his striking, sail-like shells for Sydney Harbour in 1956, and Frank Gehry, best known for the billowing silver forms of his Bilbao museum in Spain, won the commission for the Disney Concert Hall In 1988. Both architects have produced buildings that are masterworks of their time. More 

29 May 2002 Long Term Funding for the Sydney Opera House offers new Improvements in line with Utzon’s vision

Today the Chair of the Sydney Opera House, Mr Joseph Skrzynski, welcomed the announcement by the Premier and Minister for the Arts, Bob Carr, of an additional allocation of $45 million for major venue improvements at the Sydney Opera House. Premier Carr made the announcement at the launch of the Utzon Design Principles developed to inform all future building works at the Sydney Opera House. More 

11 Aug 1999 Utzon Appointment: ‘Reunites the man and his Masterpiece’ – Trust Chairman

The appointment of Jørn Utzon as a design consultant to the Sydney Opera House ‘reunites the man and his masterpiece’, the Trust Chairman, Joseph Skrzynski, said today. More


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