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Sydney Theatre Company



Next year, Australia's iconic theatre-makers are coming to play. From world premieres to the great classics, our 2015 Season will be unforgettable.

Sydney Theatre Company presents an annual program of diverse plays at our harbourside home venue, The Wharf in Walsh Bay; at Sydney Theatre at Walsh Bay; and at the Drama Theatre, as the resident theatre company of Sydney Opera House.


Sydney Theatre Company presents
Suddenly Last Summer
By Tennessee Williams

Secrets not meant to be kept.

Something unspeakable happened last summer. And now the dashing, debonair Sebastian Venable is dead. His young cousin is desperate to tell the truth about what happened, even if it finishes her.

But his mother will stop at nothing - nothing - to protect his reputation.

Renowned American playwright Tennessee Williams (A Streetcar Named Desire) has created the ultimate high-stakes battle of wills between Violet Venable (Robyn Nevin), the ruthless matriarch of a prominent New Orleans family, and her niece Catherine (Eryn Jean Norvill) – the sole witness to her cousin's shocking death.

In the middle is Doctor Cukrowicz (Mark Leonard Winter), a neurosurgeon under pressure to discern torrid memory from grim reality before any more lives are spoiled.

In a new production of this rarely produced classic, STC Resident Director Kip Williams blends the powers of film-making and stage craft to delve into the sharp heart of Tennessee Williams’ darkly poetic drama.

Using live video, the audience will have a cinematic view of the action on stage. Cameras capture and zoom in on the live action to take you closer to these extraordinary characters and inside their lurid story like never before.

9 Feb - 21 Mar

Sydney Theatre Company and Adshel present
A Melbourne Theatre Company Production
By April De Angelis
Australian Premiere

The mother of all midlife crises.

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Hilary. Her career is on the line, her marriage is slipping into habit and her daughter is barely talking to her. The icing on the misery cake is having to watch her best friend’s embarrassing attempts at staying young.

April De Angelis’ frank and funny family drama charts the perils of growing up and growing old with refreshing candour. At its core is a strong, intelligent woman who once protested against nuclear weapons, but who now finds herself largely protesting against her daughter’s choice of clothing. It wasn’t meant to be like this.

Making her STC debut, comedy icon Jane Turner (Kath & Kim) will have an absolute field day as Hilary. And director Pamela Rabe, no stranger to STC as both an actor (Les Liaisons Dangereuses) and a director (In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play), will bring her deft touch to the play’s wit and its pathos.

26 Mar - 16 May

Sydney Theatre Company presents
Arms and the Man
by George Bernard Shaw

Love is a battlefield.

Stuck in a Bulgarian backwater, Raina Petkoff has been reading too many romance novels. She wants adventure, she wants love, she wants to get the hell out of town. So, when a charming Swiss soldier on the hop from the battlefield clambers into her bedroom, what’s a clever, practical-minded girl to do? Offer him sanctuary, feed him chocolate and fall in love. It’s only natural.

George Bernard Shaw’s classic play takes its title from the opening line of Virgil’s Aeneid. Like Aeneas, Shaw’s Swiss officer is a man wandering away from defeat, but with his trademark verbal dexterity and wit, Shaw subverts the epic. Dialling up the romance and keeping plenty of room for irony, he gives us a playful love story of brilliantly drawn characters, while also poking fun at the vanity, false heroism and supposed nobility of the 19th century battlefield.

Legendary director Richard Cottrell (Australia Day) helms the production, while Andrea Demetriades (Perplex) and Mitchell Butel (Romeo and Juliet) will launch themselves into the romance and the comedy with absolute relish.

14 Sep - 31 Oct

Sydney Theatre Company presents
From the novel by Virginia Woolf
Adapted by Sarah Ruhl
Australian Premiere

A portrait of a woman as a young man.

Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando has been described as the longest and most charming love letter in literature. Inspired by Woolf’s affair with the author and aristocrat Vita Sackville-West, it is part biography, part fabulation, part poetry.

Playwright Sarah Ruhl (In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play) brings Woolf’s novel to the stage with all the luscious lyricism and playfulness of the original. As the story unfolds, we sail effortlessly across five centuries, taking in London and Constantinople, Russian beauties and Romanian aristocrats, always with a wink in the eye. The adventures pile up, as do the lovers, and somewhere along the line our hero becomes a heroine.

At the heart of it all is the magnetic Jacqueline McKenzie as the gallant, rhapsodic, brooding and brilliant Orlando. Guided by Resident Director Sarah Goodes, this light-hearted, genderbending frolic through the ages will be given a playful, delicate new production.

9 Nov - 19 Dec



Sydney Theatre Company produces theatre of the highest standard that consistently illuminates, entertains and challenges. STC has been a major force in Australian drama since its establishment in 1978, producing up to 12 plays each year including works from the classic repertoire, Australian plays, musicals, contemporary foreign works and cabaret.

Artistic Directors: Andrew Upton
Executive Director: Patrick McIntyre
Telephone: + 61 2 9250 1700
Fax: + 61 2 9251 3687


Sydney Theatre Company presents productions across three venues: The Sydney Theatre, The Wharf Theatres and the Drama Theatre at Sydney Opera House.

Playing in the Drama Theatre in 2014 are:

Noises Off  
By Michael Frayn
A tour de farce 

From Wilde to Orton, via Benny Hill, English comedy has trodden a fine line between the incisively witty and the earthily broad.
Of course the greatest does both, at the same time, and with extra sardines. Enter Noises Off.
Michael Frayn’s comic masterpiece reveals the goings-on as a Z-list touring theatre company attempts to mount the somewhat dire bedroom farce, Nothing On.

With a deft comic touch, as seen in his play Australia Day and countless Wharf Revues, Jonathan Biggins directs a highly accomplished cast led by Marcus Graham as the despotic director, and including Genevieve Lemon, Tracy Mann and Ron Haddrick – a collective that will ensure that behind the pratfalls and missed cues is a craft so precise you’ll not know where reality ends and the play begins.
Will two separate love triangles, a dipsomaniac and lost contact lenses prevent the show from going on?
17 Feb-5 Apr
Drama Theatre
Based on the books by Carlo Collodi
Created by Rosemary Myers with writer Julianne O'Brien
A rollicking revision of the classic tale of a wooden boy with a nose for trouble.

Once there was a lonely man with lots of love to give. He wanted a child so much that he carved himself a beautiful little boy. But the boy wanted the world – adventure, fame and the latest designer sneakers. He wanted more than his father could possibly give, and so he ran away to get it. This is his story.

The classic tale by Carlo Collodi is given a 21st Century spin and retold as a witty, rocking, music theatre spectacular; a mix of old time theatre fun and a celebration of the ‘whatever’ generation.

For kids brought up on Australian Idol, this fable of conscience and belonging is given a new dimension by the talented Windmill Theatre team that created Wizard of Oz (2009) and multi Helpmann Award-winning School Dance (2013).

Rosemary Myers directs a wonderfully physical performance from Nathan O’Keefe as Pinocchio, and School Dance favourite Jonathon Oxlade charms us as Cricket. This beautifully designed show is guaranteed to be feel-good fun for all the family.
11 Apr-4 May
Drama Theatre
By Maxim Gorky
In a new version by Andrew Upton

Love and other chemical reactions

Following on from his adaptation of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, Andrew Upton’s new adaptation of Maxim Gorky’s Children of the Sun takes a fresh, colloquial look at the human condition.

In a rambling mansion in provincial Russia at the beginning of the 20th Century, a sister, a brother, their partners and admirers pursue their intimate intrigues oblivious to bigger new realities brewing at their door. A family born to privilege but bound for dysfunction.
Protasov might be the man of the house, but, even when he lifts his eyes from his chemistry set, he is blind to his wife’s infidelities, his friend’s advances and his sister’s quiet despair. In something of a casting coup, three of our most treasured actresses – Justine Clarke (Les Liaisons Dangereuses), Jacqueline McKenzie (Sex with Strangers) and Helen Thomson (Mrs Warren’s Profession) – form a formidable trio around our hero, as outside the propulsive energy of revolution reaches a crescendo.
Both a sparkling comedy and a thoughtful exploration of the larger issues of privilege, progress and being caught at the wrong end of history, Children of the Sun captures the atmosphere of upheaval of its era – with more than a fleeting resonance to our own troubled times.
8 Sep-25 Oct
Drama Theatre
A new play by Joanna Murray-Smith
A stranger calls...

Finely plotted, suspenseful and surprising, Switzerland will have you on the edge of your seat.
Following the success of Fury in 2013, Joanna Murray-Smith is back in the house, bringing us another fine world premiere work.

By arrangement with our friends at LA’s Geffen Playhouse – fellow Murray-Smithians who commissioned Switzerland – we are excited to present this original thriller inspired by Patricia Highsmith, renowned novelist best known for her fictional creation, the con artist Tom Ripley.

Highsmith’s taut prose, macabre scenarios and ambivalent moral stance – in her world, the villains enjoy happy endings as often as their victims – made her one of the 20th Century’s most compelling and enigmatic crime novelists. Many of her books made it onto the silver screen – from 1951’s Hitchcock version of Strangers on a Train to 1999’s The Talented Mr Ripley, directed by Anthony Minghella. The tables are turned in Switzerland and it is Patricia herself who is the central character, brought to life by the wonderful Sarah Peirse.

True to its genre, Switzerland kicks off with a knock at the door – before spiralling into a grim and lively contest of wits, words and wills.
3 Nov-20 Dec
Drama Theatre



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