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Welcome to Kids at the House 2012

Our 2012 Kids at the House season delivers the most compelling and entertaining program of performances and events yet. The new season provides opportunities for children with all types of skills and learning styles to get the most out of their experience at Sydney Opera House.  The program introduces some exciting new initiatives and builds on our commitment to accessibility which underpins all our presentations for young people. In 2012 we introduce The Open House Project, a brand new program which sees us partnering with the Glasshouse Port Macquarie over the next three years to deliver one of a kind cultural, education and entertainment experiences.  We also introduce free Creative Play programs throughout 2012 enabling active and engaged learning through exploration, play, creativity and imagination. Our commitment to Indigenous programming continues to be an important part of our programming for young people.

Don’t miss the fun, entertainment and magic. I look forward to seeing you at the House.

Richard Evans
Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the House. The Education and Young People’s program has expanded in structure and size to bring your family a range of performing arts experiences that will leave young people stimulated, challenged and creatively inspired. The team has searched the world’s stages and festivals for the very best artists and experiences that enable you to discover the magic of dance, theatre, multi-media and music.  We have found great artists, wonderful stories and exciting experiences for the first time visitor and the culture loving kid. After much demand we bring back Family Classics in the Concert Hall as well as your favourite Babies Proms series. Don’t miss a huge amount of silliness from the List Operators or the charming tale of Boxy George’s ordered world which is turned upside down. Through our free Creative Play program each school holidays we encourage young people to embrace their own creativity and participate in exploring new and different ideas with our artists and educators.  Also, keep your eye out for our Access Program where we have tailored a small offering for young people with disabilities to ensure they have a deep quality engagement.

I hope you will join us in 2012 where inspiration, creativity and excitement await.

Bridgette Van Leuven
Head of Education and Performances for Young People

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