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Sydney Opera House - Our Donors


The Opera House's donors help us secure and renew the Opera House for future generations of visitors, artists and audiences.

Their support ensures the Opera House remains open to all and helps us transform lives through the power of art and ideas.

We are especially grateful to our Founding Donors for their ongoing support since the introduction of the Opera House's philanthropy program in 2007, and to the Founding Idealists who are the first members of our new donor program.

Please join us in thanking them.

To join our donors,
donate now, or contact the Philanthropy team on +612 9250 7077 or 

Major Donors


The Balnaves Foundation

Pierre & Isabelle Eichenberger

The Getty Foundation

John Symond AM

Kim Williams AM

Anonymous (1)


The Alexandra and Lloyd Martin Family Foundation

The Wolanski Foundation


The Bikuben Foundation

The Dreyer Foundation

Stephen & Julie Fitzgerald

Catriona & Simon Mordant AM

The Obel Family Foundation

Anonymous (1)

Chairman's Leadership Circle

Robert Albert AO & Libby Albert

AMP Foundation Limited

The Balnaves Foundation

Phillip & Catherine Brenner

Patsy Crummer

The Greatorex Foundation

Hunt Family Foundation

Andrew Kaldor AM &

Renata Kaldor AO

Sheli Lubowski

Kate & Peter Mason AM

Margaret Sixel &

Dr George Miller AO

Rebel Penfold-Russell OAM

Joseph Skrzynski AO

Peter Weiss AO


SJ Bell

Beverley & Phil Birnbaum

Stephen Pollitt

Sydney Opera House Ladies' Committee


Matthew Allchurch

Phil Allison

Jeremy & Jeromine Alpe

Anne Amigo

Helen & David Baffsky AO

Neil Balnaves AO

Charlene & Graham Bradley AM

Catherine & Phillip Brenner

Clark Butler

Andrew Cameron AM

Mark Carnegie

Paul Cave AM

Professor & Mrs David Celermajer AO

John C Conde AO

Robbie Cooke

The Hon Helen Coonan

Phillip Cornwell & Cecilia Rice

Michael Crouch AO

Ian Darling

Michael Darling

Miranda Darling Tobias

The Hon Mrs Ashley Dawson-Damer AM

Pierre & Isabelle Eichenberger

John B Fairfax AO

Dr Peter C Farrell AM

Erin Flaherty & David Maloney AM

Roman Fong

Stephen Found

Chris Freeland & Nicole McKenna

Danny Gilbert AM

David Gonski AC

Christina and Maurice Green AM

John M Green & Jenny Green

Tony Grey

Sue Griffin

Tony Grybowski

Gail Hambly

Robert Hansen & Dr Annabelle Farnsworth

Brett Haylock

Bruce Herron & Elizabeth Mark

Hal & Linda Herron

Louise Herron AM

Brenna Hobson

Deborah Jones

Peter Joseph AM

Andrew Kaldor AM

Renata Kaldor AO

John Kaldor AM

Julian Knights

Chris Knoblanche AM 

Holly Kramer

Michelle & John Landerer CBE AM 

Colleen & Robert Leece AO RFD

Sheli Lubowski 

Helen Lynch AM

Andrew & Virginia MacDougal

Dan Mackenzie

Michael Markiewicz

Alexandra Martin

Louise Mason

Kate Mason 

Peter Mason AM

Jane Mathews AO

Julianne Maxwell

Deidre & Kevin McCann AM

Sophie McCarthy & Tony Green

Wendy McCarthy AO

Tim McFarlane

Naomi Milgrom AO

Catriona & Simon Mordant AM

Bill Moss AO

Michael Musgrave

Annabel & Rupert Myer AM

A/Prof Michael J Neil

Dr Eileen Ong

Christen Obel

Simon Pollard

Stephen Pollitt

David Redhill

Crispin Rice

Bob Richardson

Janne Ryan

Luisa & Les Schirato AM

Stephen A Schwarzman

Jillian Segal AM

Kathy & Greg Shand

Ann Sherry AO

Ben Smith

Bruce Solomon

Ezekiel Solomon AM

Zandra Stanton

Ross Steele AM

Tony & Josephine Sukkar

John Swain

Giam Swiegers

Sydney Opera House Ladies' Committee

John Symond AM

Charlie Taylor

Gabrielle Trainor

Lucy Turnbull AO & 

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP

Brook Turner

Ken Turner

Pamela Turner

Virginia Turner

Phil Vernon

Sam Walsh AO

Rob & Bron Wannan

Phil Vernon

Sara Watts

Peter Weiss AO

Sam & Judy Weiss

Ray Wilson OAM

Kim Williams AM

Phillip Wolanski AM

Cathy Yuncken

Anonymous (1)



Annette Adair

Emily Chang

Catherine Cunio

Elizabeth Donati

Dr & Mrs B Dutta

Ryissa Fogarty

Matt Garrett

Michelle Hazelbrook

Life's Opportunities

Macquarie Group Foundation

Ruth & Bob Magid

Otto & Agnes Matrai

Sheila J McKee

Joan Millard

Matthew Muller & Lex Thornton

Patricia Reid

Carolyn Stewart-Smith

Leonie Szabo

Dr A Waldman

Westpac Group

Evan Williams AM

Anonymous (4) 


Donna L St Clair

Anonymous (1)


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