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2007 Media Release - About an Hour Movers and Shakers

Issued Thursday, November 1 2007


Back for its third triumphant year, About An Hour is all about generating new audiences for the performing arts.  With all tickets just $25, and all shows running for around 60minutes, About An Hour promises high impact for a relatively small investment of time and dollars.

In 2008, the About An Hour series takes on the moniker of Movers & Shakers, presenting a taster of Australian contemporary dance.  Eight dramatic and unique pieces combine theatre, music and technology to offer cutting edge dance performance.  With careers spanning international festivals, club culture, musical theatre, film making and new technologies, Australian choreographers are positioned at the crossroads of contemporary culture.  This unique festival within a festival is the perfect forum to display their talents. 

The movers and shakers are eight choreographers with eight audacious works – Kate Champion’s The Age I’m In; Lucy Guerin Inc’s Aether; Tanja Liedtke’s Construct; Chunky Move’s Mortal Engine; Stephen Page’s Kin; Shaun Parker’s This Show Is About People; and Frances Rings and Narelle Benjamin’s works in Into.  In addition, Dance Screen, curated by Erin Brannigan, will showcase the fertile area of dance on film throughout the Festival for free in the theatre foyers on the Western Broadwalk.

Exhilarating, stimulating, disturbing, erotic, provocative, challenging, and haunting, Movers & Shakers will surprise and entertain.

Movers & Shakers is supported by The Australia Council of the Arts under a Major National Initiative in Dance Audience Development. The initiative aims to raise the national profile of Australian Dance and to build audiences by increasing the scale and diversity of existing levels of Australian dance presented.  This support enables the Festival to further expand on its already strong commitment to Australian dance. 

For information on each event, see individual media releases.


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