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Event Presenter Date Venue
Creative Learning - Staging Stories 1 Staging Stories (Creative Learning) Sydney Opera House 7 April -
18 November
Your Classroom
Michelle Park’s Soul Mate Image Soulmate Michelle Park 25 June Utzon Room
Creative Learning - Significant Australian Places Significant Australian Places: Sydney Opera House (Creative Learning) Sydney Opera House 21 March -
26 October
Your Classroom
Creative Learning 2016 - Saltbush 700x394 SALTBUSH: CHILDREN’S CHEERING CARPET (CREATIVE LEARNING) Sydney Opera House 28 June -
30 June
SSO 2016 - Romantic Fantasies Romantic Fantasies
Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto
Sydney Symphony Orchestra 29 June -
4 July
Concert Hall
PULSE 2016 PULSE... Listen to the Heartbeat of the Arts NSW Department of Education 30 June Concert Hall
Creative Learning 2016 - Pete the Sheep 700x394 PETE THE SHEEP (CREATIVE LEARNING) Sydney Opera House 29 June -
30 June
Creative Learning 2016 - our land people stores 700x390 OUR land people stories (CREATIVE LEARNING) Sydney Opera House 29 June Studio
OUR OUR LAND PEOPLE STORIES Bangarra Dance Theatre 17 June -
9 July
Drama Theatre
OA Birthday Gala Opera Australia's 60th Anniversary Gala Concert Opera Australia 26 June Joan Sutherland Theatre
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