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Event Presenter Date Venue
Opera Kitchen Tasting Plate The Tour And Tasting Plate Sydney Opera House 1 April -
31 March
Various Venues
The Summerhouse Tour 570x320 The Sydney Opera House Tour - Spanish Sydney Opera House 1 April -
31 March
Various Venues
TAB 2016 - Mcallister v2 McAllister in Conversation The Australian Ballet 2 April -
3 December
Joan Sutherland Theatre
Creative Learning - From Page to Stage From Page to Stage (Creative Learning) Sydney Opera House 5 April -
15 November
Your Classroom
Creative Learning - Staging Stories 1 Staging Stories (Creative Learning) Sydney Opera House 7 April -
18 November
Your Classroom
Jeeves and Wooster 4 Jeeves and Wooster In Perfect Nonsense LUNCHBOX THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS 23 August -
28 August
Drama Theatre
Beatles Back2Back BEATLES Back2Back
Sgt Peppers and Abbey Road
The Beatles Live 26 August -
27 August
Concert Hall
Deborah Conway Willy Zygier Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier
The Beginning And The End
27 August -
28 August
Lili Liu Piano Recital Lili Liu Piano Recital Lili Liu Piano Land Pty Ltd 27 August Utzon Room
Mahler2TownHall Mahler 2
Resurrection Symphony
Sydney Symphony Orchestra 27 August -
28 August
Sydney Town Hall
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