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Event Presenter Date Venue
STC 2016 - A Midsummer Night's Dream New Image A Midsummer Night's Dream Sydney Theatre Company 12 September -
22 October
Drama Theatre
Creative Learning - Guwanyi Walama Aboriginal Perspectives of Bennelong Point: Guwanyi Walama Sydney Opera House 23 March -
28 October
Your Classroom
Airbnb Sustainability Tour image 1 Airbnb Sustainability Tour 25 October -
29 November
Various Venues
APQ 2016 Large 1 Australia Piano Quartet – The Trout Sydney Opera House 22 October Utzon Room
SSO 2016 - Beethoven Pastoral Beethoven Pastoral Sydney Symphony Orchestra 20 October -
22 October
Concert Hall
Creative Learning - From Page to Stage From Page to Stage (Creative Learning) Sydney Opera House 5 April -
15 November
Your Classroom
Glen Hansard Glen Hansard
Didn’t He Ramble Tour
Sydney Opera House by arrangement with Gaynor Crawford 22 October -
23 October
Concert Hall
Sarahgrunsteinpicturemain Goldberg Variations: SARAH GRUNSTEIN Australian Bach Society 25 October Utzon Room
OA 2016 - syd opera house MAIN no text v2 IFAC Handa presents Sydney Opera House – The Opera (The Eighth Wonder) Opera Australia 28 October -
5 November
Thomas Piketty MAIN V2 Is Increasing Inequality Inevitable?
Reflections on Capital in the 21st Century
Thomas Piketty
Sydney Opera House 23 October Concert Hall
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