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Event Presenter Date Venue
 Homeground Talks Sydney Opera House 27 May Various Venues
Homeground Talks Open for Business Homeground Talks:
Open for Business: Diverse Economies in First Nations Communities
Sydney Opera House 27 May Playhouse
Homeground Talks Unfinished Paperwork v2 Homeground Talks:
Unfinished Paperwork: Recognition and Sovereignty
Sydney Opera House 27 May Playhouse
TAB 2016 - Mcallister v2 McAllister in Conversation The Australian Ballet 2 April -
3 December
Joan Sutherland Theatre
Oneohtrix Point Never Oneohtrix Point Never Sydney Opera House Presents Vivid LIVE 29 May Joan Sutherland Theatre
Sam McCool Large Sam McCool is "Turning Thoughty" Good Egg Creative & Sam McCool 26 May Utzon Room
Creative Learning - Significant Australian Places Significant Australian Places: Sydney Opera House (Creative Learning) Sydney Opera House 21 March -
26 October
Your Classroom
Creative Learning - Staging Stories 1 Staging Stories (Creative Learning) Sydney Opera House 7 April -
18 November
Your Classroom
SuperHIIT Sunrise on the Steps - SuperHIIT Sydney Opera House 4 April -
23 May
Yoga Sunrise on the Steps - Yoga Sydney Opera House 5 April -
26 May
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