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Event Presenter Date Venue
Creative Learning - Guwanyi Walama Aboriginal Perspectives of Bennelong Point: Guwanyi Walama Sydney Opera House 23 March -
28 October
Your Classroom
Carmen Carmen Opera Australia 16 June -
12 August
Joan Sutherland Theatre
SSO 2016 - Channel Crossings Channel Crossings
Ravel & Vaughan Williams
Sydney Symphony Orchestra 23 June -
25 June
Concert Hall
SPC - Discover 570x320 Discover Sydney Philharmonia Choirs 26 March -
10 December
Concert Hall
Creative Learning - From Page to Stage From Page to Stage (Creative Learning) Sydney Opera House 5 April -
15 November
Your Classroom
Heathers The Musical Heathers: The Musical Sydney Opera House in association with Showwork 8 June -
26 June
Hot Brown Honey Image Hot Brown Honey Sydney Opera House 22 June -
26 June
TAB 2016 - Mcallister v2 McAllister in Conversation The Australian Ballet 2 April -
3 December
Joan Sutherland Theatre
ums 2016 - midori goto V2 Midori
Utzon Music Series
Sydney Opera House 26 June Utzon Room
OA Birthday Gala Opera Australia's 60th Anniversary Gala Concert Opera Australia 26 June Joan Sutherland Theatre
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