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Sydney Opera House Amenities

Precinct Amenities 
Public Toilets
Public toilets are located on the Lower Concourse and inside at the Main Box Office and Western Foyers. Accessible public toilets are available and located on the Lower Concourse, Main Box Office and  Western Foyers.

Baby Changing Facilities 

Baby change table and nappy bins are available in the Accessible public toilets in the below locations: 

  • Western Foyers – Close to both the Drama Theatre as well as the Playhouse 
  • Lower Concourse 
  • Main Box Office accessible toilets 
  • Concert Hall Northern Foyer (both Male and Female)


Lower Concourse:
There is a Westpac ATM available for use for the public in the Lower Concourse area of Sydney Opera House. This is positioned just near the stairs down to the lower concourse from the forecourt and near the entrance to the Carpark.

Western Foyers:
A rediATM is available for use for the public in the Western Foyers of Sydney Opera House. This ATM is positioned opposite the lifts in the Western Foyers.

Public Telephones
There are two public telephones on-site, one along the Lower Concourse past the carpark entrance. The second is situated outside Stage Door in the vehicle concourse.

Australia Post Box

For your convenience an Australian Post box is located in the Lower Concourse opposite the shop. Stamps are available for purchase from the Sydney Opera House shops.

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