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2008 Event Media Release - What Does Red Do on Thursday?

Issued Monday, 17 March, 2008

Sydney Opera House presents
What Does Red Do On Thursday?
by Germany’s Thalias Kompagnons

18 - 28 June, Utzon Room

Director Ruta Platais
Performed by Joachim Torbahn

“Torbahn shows by example that the spontaneous enjoyment of movement and rhythm and the seemingly 'incomplete' images created have an infectious vitality and give your imagination wings…Not just recommended, but entertaining as well” Nurnberger Nachrichten, Germany

And the little red spot?

What did he do on Thursday?

Well, it was busy having fun....

The artist stands behind a transparent canvas, ready to go.

The colours are mixed, the brushes are ready.

First, a small red spot is painted; soon it becomes alive and transforms into flying balls, birds, then into clouds.

And so begins a dreamlike journey, a magic kingdom full of fairytale-like palaces, plants and animals.

Accompanied by a lively score of Ravel, Debussy and Shostakovich, What does Red do on a Thursday? offers a rare insight into the artist’s creative process.

The painting transforms again and again delighting audiences with each brushstroke, playfully revealing how art is full of surprises and the reward lies in the joy of creation itself.

SEASON DETAILS: What Does Red do on a Thursday?
Dates/Times: Wednesday 18 to Sunday 22 and Tuesday 24 to Saturday 28 June at 10am, 11.30am* and 1.30pm.
*Sat/Sun only
Venue: Utzon Room
Tickets: All tickets $20 / $15 registered childcare groups
Suitability: Ages 3+
Bookings: (02) 9250 7777 or online at
Duration: 35 minutes


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