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2010 Event Media Release - Philip Escoffey: Six Impossible Things Before Dinner

Media Release: Issued Thursday 26 November, 2009 

From 12 January, 2010 The Studio 

‘Witty, sharp and very funny….astounding ****1/2’ The Age
‘A singularly gifted entertainer, a master of the unexplained****’ The Scotsman
‘Simply staggering, for believers and sceptics alike ****’ Chortle (UK)
‘One of the most surprising, slyly manipulative and intelligent shows I have seen’
The Sunday Age
“F**ck me!”  Jeremy Clarkson
“F**CK ME!!”  Gordon Ramsay

Philip Escoffey knows what you’re thinking! One of Britain's leading mind readers, Escoffey will make his Sydney debut with Six Impossible Things Before Dinner from 12 January, The Studio, Sydney Opera House.

Escoffey returns to Australia after two sell out 2009 seasons in Melbourne and rave reviews at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival.

Mind boggling and utterly compelling, he challenges audience beliefs by performing six seemingly impossible feats of prediction and guesswork.

Escoffey knows exactly how to handle the dark and dangerous world of influence, belief, need and deceit. The idea of paranormal events is fascinating to him. What interests him is not whether people can read minds or not (as luck would have it, it seems he can!) not even how they do it, but what the rational, even cynical, person does in the face of irrefutable demonstration and why some people don’t even seem to need that!

Combining scepticism with buckets of charm and wit, he reveals things about you that would appear to defy logic and be impossible for him to know.

Taking the name from Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, where the White Queen says she could believe ‘six impossible things before breakfast’, and counsels Alice to practice the same skill, Escoffey shows how our thoughts can be manipulated by everyone from ad-men to bankers. “Human beings will often abandon reason to adopt a belief that makes them feel better about themselves”, he says.

Although a confirmed sceptic, Escoffey, is fascinated with understanding what motivates us and our need to believe. He graduated with a psychology degree before working in marketing and sales. 

Mind reader or con man? Come and decide for yourself. With a bizarre twist at the end, that you won’t recognise until afterwards, don’t miss the opportunity to let this witty, funny, entertaining showman challenge what you believe to be true. A perfect show for the summer holidays.

SEASON DETAILS: Philip Escoffey:Six Impossible Things Before Dinner
Date: from 12 January, 2010 
Venue: The Studio
Time: 7:15pm Tues to Sun; 2:30pm Sat.
Bookings: 02 9250 7777 or 
Tickets: Groups/concession from $34, Adults from $39  
Suitable: for 13years and above

Claire Vince, Senior Publicist, Sydney Opera House
02 9250 7825 / 0401 711 531 /



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