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2010 Event Media Release - GLOW

Media Release: 16 March, 2010


Directed by Lior Kalfo

From 5 June, Opera Theatre   

KA-POW! Animation comes alive in a theatrical spectacular


Sydney Opera House presents the Australian premiere of Glow, a highly entertaining, visually rich production, from 5 June in the Opera Theatre.

Glow is a comic and uplifting tale of love and adventure, staged in the black light theatre style. With impressive sets and props, surprising theatrics and colourful costumes, Glow is wild and vibrant show suitable for young and old.

The story centres around Glow, an out of luck, insecure nerdy-type guy. Tormented by his nasty boss, his life seems hopeless until a beautiful woman walks into his office and lights a fire in his heart. We follow Glow in his daydreams and as he strives to win her heart - all the while trying to overcome his evil boss, monsters and most of all, his shyness.

Thanks to the incredible magic of the “black light” theatre style, the audience are able to view scenes from a perspective, usually only possible in film. Through clever technical and stage-work, scenes shift so that the audience are suddenly given the impression that they are looking into a room from above or flying over a scene.

Popular in Prague, black light theatre is a style that makes the set and characters appear like they are in an animation. It is characterized by the use of  black box  theatre, draped in dense curtains, a darkened stage and UV lighting, paired with fluorescent costumes, mime, dance and expressive movement.

Glow was developed over two years by Israeli born director Lior Kalfo. He has created a colourful world that is rich in imagination, from the charming language – the characters speak in a gibberish derived from no less than eight languages, including English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hebrew and Yiddish – to the heart-warming story and the brilliant staging.

Sydney Opera House Head of Theatre & Dance, Wendy Martin says, “Funny, charming and full of breathtaking illusion Glow is a truely magic theatrical event. It takes the audience on an unforgettable journey into a world where dreams can become reality”.

Lior Kalfo discovered black light theatre while living in Prague in 2001. He has created and directed two black light theatre shows including Glow and the long-running WOW Show (2000) which continues to play to over 2000 people a night in Prague.  

In the development of Glow, Kalfo was assisted by television and theatre impresario Bernie Kukoff - creator of several shows, producer of The Bill Cosby Show and creator of the successful TV series Different Strokes and the Off Broadway hit, I love you you're perfect, now change! - and David Ottone founder and artistic director of the Spanish Yanana theater troupe.Glow has played to audiences throughout Israel and Europe including Belgium, Germany, Austria and Spain.




Dates: from 5 June 2010

Venue: Opera theatre 

Times: Tues: 6.30pm

Wed - Sat: 7.30pm

Matinees: Sat + Sun; 1.30pm + 5pm

Bookings: 02 9250 7777 or


Claire Vince, Senior Publicist,

Sydney Opera House.

02 9250 7825 / 0401 711 531


Helene Fox, Publicist

Sydney Opera House

9250 7805, 0412 085 032





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