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Smoking, Drug & Alcohol Policies

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Smoking, Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

Sydney Opera House is committed to promoting a healthy and safe environment for visitors, patrons and staff. The Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol Policy outlines Sydney Opera House’s approach to the risks associated with the use of these substances for staff and contractors on the premises, and fulfils our obligations under the relevant NSW statutes particularly related to occupational health and safety.

Sydney Opera House is designated as a public building and as such is required by legislation to be smoke-free. Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed and substantially closed areas and in Sydney Opera House vehicles. In additon Sydney Opera House has designated a number of outdoor area or substantially enclosed areas as smoke-free to maintain the amentiy of these areas for all patrons as depicted on the Designated Smoke-free Areas Diagram below.

All persons smoking within permitted areas on site should consider the environment and dispose of cigarettes responsibly in order to maintain the amenity of Sydney Opera House precinct as an iconic and enjoyable destination.

Sydney Opera House Security and other Authorised Officers are permitted to direct people to comply with this policy while on Sydney Opera House premises.

Click here to download a copy of the Designated Smoke-free Areas Diagram.

Alcohol and Other Drugs
Sydney Opera House requires all staff to be unimpaired by alcohol and other drugs that may affect a person’s ability to work safely and effectively. Sydney Opera House provides systems, guidelines and support for staff in order to identify and report matters relating to alcohol and other drugs.

Full conditions and procedures for staff, contractors and other persons undertaking work on behalf of Sydney Opera House are outlined in the Smoking, Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy.

To obtain a copy of the full policy, please contact the Right to Information Officer.

Right to Information Officer
Sydney Opera House
GPO Box 4274
Sydney NSW 2001

Ph: 9250 7111


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