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Vehicle Access & Pedestrian Safety Project

Here you will find the latest video updates on the Vehicle Access & Pedestrian Safety Project

The Vehicle Access & Pedestrian Safety Project (VAPS) is an important milestone in Sydney Opera House’s history.   Funded by the NSW Government, the project will enhance tourist and visitor safety by removing heavy vehicle movements from the Forecourt to a purpose built underground roadway and loading dock accessed from the southern end of our site, near Macquarie Street. This will allow pedestrians to have safe and exclusive access to all the Sydney Opera House facilities at Forecourt level.

The Vehicle Access and Pedestrian Safety Project will deliver a number of operational and safety improvements for Sydney Opera House. The project involves the construction of a new underground loading dock and the levelling of the existing roadway. The project is funded by the NSW Government and will be completed in 2014.

The Future

Below is an animation on how VAPS will look upon completion in 2014.


Construction Progress Update May 2012  

Sydney Opera House is currently undergoing the biggest construction project on site since the building opened in October 1973. Discover how a new loading dock is designed and built while keeping the Sydney Opera House running as usual. Watch while the team simulates the new dock operations, diverts a historic stormwater drain, and begins excavation on the Forecourt.

Construction Progress Update November 2012 Sydney Opera House is currently constructing a new underground loading dock. Learn how our tunnelling team dig through the sandstone beneath the building, the powerful machines they use, their traditions and superstitions.

Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery
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