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Venue: Various Venues
Presented by: Sydney Opera House


What is a fanfare?
A fanfare is a short composition that traditionally announces important information. During 2015, Sydney Opera House patrons will be called to their seats by new fanfares composed by young Australians.

Who composed the fanfares?

Eight Australians between the ages of 12-21 were selected as winners of a nationwide competition conducted in 2014 that attracted more than 120 entrants. Each composition was workshopped with Australian composer Nicholas Vines and recorded by the Australian Youth Orchestra with conductor Nicholas Carter. The eight fanfares will be played during the year in succession, with each young composer’s work heard in every Sydney Opera House performance venue.

The winners for the 2014 Fanfare Competition are:
Lachlan Penninkilampi, 16, NSW: Fanfare 1
John Rotar, 19, Qld: Skyscrapers
Josh Belperio, 19, SA: Rising Sails:  Fanfare for the Sydney Opera House
Alexander Unikowski, 20, ACT: Fanfare pour un monde unifie
Luca Warburton, 14, NSW: Fanfare
Marcus Milton, 15, NSW: Please Take Your Seats 
Paris Francis, 13, NSW: Rebellion’s Rise
Yilan Yu, 13, NSW: Arrival of the Queen of Mars
(Age at the time of winning the competition)

For more information about the competition and 2014 winners please visit Artology.

Fanfare is a collaboration with Artology and the Australian Youth Orchestra, and is based on a concept created by London’s Royal Opera House.

Fanfare Competition 2015
Entries are now open for this year's competition. Entries close on 1 May 2015. For more information, please visit Artology.

Listen to the fanfares below!

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