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How to Book & Connect to House Education: Digital Education

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howto book and connect


Sydney Opera House’s Digital Education program is available for all schools with video conferencing facilities. All tours and workshops are carried out via your schools’ video conferencing facilities.

Before you make your booking, please ensure that your school has appropriate facilities and that you will have access to these facilities at the date and time scheduled. 

Read and agree to the Cancellation Policy listed below


All NSW DEC Schools
Make your booking via the DART Connections website by clicking the links on our event pages, or visiting

All other Australian schools
Please contact Sydney Opera House Education on 02 9250 7770 or

International schools
Sydney Opera House will be pleased to offer international schools 1:1 experiences. Fees will apply, please contact us at or +61 2 9250 7770 to arrange a quote.


You’ll receive a confirmation email from DART and a confirmation with unit-of-work from Sydney Opera House

A Teachers’ Resource Pack will be sent with your confirmation email. It contains curriculum-linked activities to help prepare students for their digital excursion, and extend learning post-excursions. We recommend using these resources in advance of your digital excursion to ensure students get the most out of their experience.

Please familiarise yourself with the Video Conferencing facilities at your school well before the day of your digital program.  Five minutes’ preparation can save disappointment on the day!

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to connect. Most schools will have one of two camera/conference systems in place, Tandberg or Polycom.  If you require assistance with your video conferencing facilities, contact your schools’ tech support, or the DART Connections team on 1800 824 737.


Seat your class in front of the telly and in view of the camera 15 minutes prior to your start time.

Turn on your television using the television remote and make sure it is on the AV setting

Using the Video Conference Remote Control, dial the following 5-digit Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) number – 56764 – and press the green ‘dial’ button

Once you are dialled into the VMR, you will see a Sydney Opera House holding slide. This means you are in the right place.

Set your microphone to mute, but keep the remote handy to un-mute when instructed by your presenter

At the scheduled time your presenter will appear live on your screen… your digital experience has begun!

Sydney Opera House offers free digital excursions on a first-come-first-served basis, however to ensure all places are filled fairly, a cancellation fee will be charged to any school who:

Cancels within 7 days of the booked excursion, or

Does not dial-in and participate on the day. In either case an invoice for $100 -150 per session (depending on the program you have booked) will be sent to you from Sydney Opera House


Call DART Connections technical support on 1800 824 737. Note: this number cannot be dialled from the IP phone in the Connected Classroom.

Keep your mobile with you. You will have provided your mobile phone number when you made your booking. Please make sure that you keep your mobile with you (and that it is switched on) as this is our first point of contact with you, should any issues arise.

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