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Digital Creative Learning & How to Book

What is Digital Creative Learning
Video conferencing is a fantastic way to connect your students to professional artists and educators at Sydney Opera House. Participate in free* live, interactive, curriculum-driven workshops and tours without leaving your classroom!

For more information on how to prepare and the creative learning program cancellation policy, read our Frequently Asked Questions below.

  1. What equipment do I need?
    All you need is a video conferencing unit!

    Most schools will have one of two video conference systems in place; Tandberg or Polycom.  If you require assistance with your video conferencing facilities, contact your schools’ tech support or, NSW DEC schools call the DART Connections helpdesk on (02) 6884 0241, Electroboard customers call their helpdesk on 1800 622 860.

  2. How do I book my digital excursion?
    Go to the Sydney Opera House webpage for your chosen program and find the session date and time you want. Click on the link for that session and you will be taken to a booking page on either the DART Connections website or the Electroboard website. If it is the first time you have used this site you will be required to set up a username and password.

    For any booking queries please phone the Sydney Opera House Creative Learning team on (02) 9250 7770. 

  3. How much does it cost?
    All Digital programs are free to Australian schools however to ensure all places are filled fairly, a cancellation fee will be charged to any school who does not dial-in on the day without notifying the Sydney Opera House Creative Learning team. In this case an invoice for $150 per session will be sent to you from Sydney Opera House.

    Fees apply for international schools, please contact Sydney Opera House Creative Learning on 02 9250 7770 or for information and prices. 
  4. What if I am not a NSW DEC school?
    All Australian schools with video conferencing equipment are able to participate, however before registering for a session, non NSW DEC schools should do a test conference to ensure their equipment works. To arrange this test please phone DART Connections on  (02) 6884 0241 or Electroboard on 1800 622 860 (depending on who you booked your session through). 

  5. Will I receive confirmation of my booking?
    Once you have placed your booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email from DARTor Electroboard (depending on who you have booked through). In the weeks prior to your digital excursion you will receive a separate confirmation from Sydney Opera House with important details about your upcoming session. Please ensure you check for this email as this will be considered confirmation of your booking.

  6. What if I need to change/cancel my booking? 
    Should you discover that the time or date you have previously booked is not suitable, please contact Sydney Opera House Creative Learning on 02 9250 7770 or and we will try our best to accommodate you.

    Please note: Cancellation fees apply for schools who fail to dial-in on the day.

  7. How can I prepare my class for their digital excursion?
    To ensure you get the most out of your digital experience, a Teachers’ Resource Pack - containing curriculum-linked activities can be downloaded from our teachers’ resource pageWe recommend using these resources in advance of your digital excursion.

  8. I’m not sure how to use my Video Conferencing equipment! How do I connect?
    Watch our ‘How to Connect’ video.
    For technical problems call DART Connections on 1800 824 737 or Electroboard on 1800 622 860 (depending on who you booked your session through).
Free digital creative learning is available for all Australian schools with video conferencing facilities.  Fees apply for international schools, please contact Sydney Opera House Creative Learning on 02 9250 7770 or 
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