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Environmental Sustainability - Greening the House

Environmental Sustainability currently showing show below
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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability covers both the responsible and efficient use and management of resources to minimise the impact on and conserve the environment for present and future generations.

Through maximising; resource efficiencies, environmental sustainability performance and investing in clean energy technologies, we can lower greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change. 

In these sections you can read our Environmental Sustainability Plan, Environmental Sustainability Policy and Environmental Sustainability Annual Reports along with other information on what we are doing to achieve our vision to become a global leader in sustainable performing arts centres.

From the CEO

The Opera House is both a masterpiece of 20th century organic architecture and a pioneering green building that was among the first to trial practices that are still considered cutting edge, such as using harbour water as a coolant for air-conditioning systems.

Jørn Utzon felt that design should grow out of the landscape and look like a single living organism.  He may not have set out to pioneer sustainable design but sustainability was the eminently practical, supremely functional by-product of his design.

We remain true to that principle. Our first Environmental Sustainability Plan was implemented in 2010.  Since then we have achieved significant efficiencies in energy and resources and raised the engagement of Opera House staff in our environmental initiatives to a new level.

By continuing to address our environment we can help ensure this building and site remain as vital to future generations as it is now.  However it is not a response we can achieve alone. Our staff, suppliers, partners and all the 8.2 million people who visit our site each year all play a role.

We will work with our community of stakeholders to ensure that the simple, logical and eminently practical virtues that inspired Jørn Utzon to continue to inform this site and building.

Louise Herron AM
Chief Executive Officer


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