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Environment - Our Approach

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Environmental Sustainability Plan
We believe that to realise an enduring contribution to Australia’s culture, economy and community, we must live responsibly within our environment, considering both current and future generations.

The Sydney Opera House’s commitment to this is through the development and implementation of our Environmental Sustainability Plan (ESP). Our second three year ESP 2014 – 2016 commenced on the 1 July 2013, and directs our commitment under four focus areas:

  1. Use Resources Efficiently and Responsibly
  2. Minimise Waste
  3. Improve Environmental Risk Management
  4. Embed, Engage and Inspire Change

Find out more about Opera House’s Environmental Sustainability Plan’s objectives, targets and strategies over the next three years. 

Environmental Sustainability Policy
Our Environmental Sustainability Policy outlines our strategic goals, approach and commitment to driving environmental sustainability at the Opera House.  Access our Environmental Sustainability Policy.

Our Performance
Key performance indicators across our Environmental Sustainability Plan focus areas are monitored to track performance against targets to ensure we stay on the right track.  Our environmental sustainability performance and achievements are reported annually within our Annual Report.

Annual environmental sustainability performance has been extracted below:
2011/12 Environmental Sustainability Performance
2010/11 Environmental Sustainability Performance
2009/10 Environmental Sustainability Performance


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