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Environmental Sustainability - What We Are Doing

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Use Resources Efficiently and Responsibly

The Sydney Opera House implements strategies enabling us to operate in an environment of resource constraints.

Find out more about the projects being implemented.

Use Resources Efficiently and Responsibly

Minimise Waste

They Sydney Opera House is committed to reducing waste sent to landfill. Learn more about waste management.

Minimise Waste

Improve Environmental Risk Management

The Sydney Opera House dedicated to taking a systematic approach to improve environmental risk management.  Find out more about environmental risk management.

 Improve Environmental Risk Management_375x230

Embed, Engage and Inspire Change

We have a unique opportunity to engage and inspire others to reduce environmental impacts far beyond our individual performance.  Find out more including; Greening the House YouTube channel, partnerships and getting involved.

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Partnerships & Sponsorships

Learn more about Sydney Opera House sustainability partnerships and how you can be involved in environmental sustainability at the Sydney Opera House.

 Partnerships & Sponsorships_375x230
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